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The Cyber Monday numbers are in, and unfortunately, they aren’t exactly what we all hoped for. According to the New York Times, Cyber Monday had only a 1% increase this year over last. This number came as a surprise as total transactions were up 14% over last year. 

So why the small increase? It all comes down to the order size. Consumers spent, on average, $7.19 less per transaction this year. In 2007 consumers averaged $58.81 per transaction. This year, that number fell to $51.62.

These numbers were calculated by Chase Paymentech’s Cyber Holiday Pulse Index, in which they surveyed 25 of the largest 150 Internet payment processing networks. The decrease in average spend is likely the result or an increased amount of discounts available to consumers this year.

Let’s hope that consumers aren’t as frugal the rest of the month. The biggest online spending day of the year, however, is still coming with “Green Monday” most likely a week from today.

  • Super Affiliate Traffic

    Very interesting numbers indeed. Not only an we conclude that the consumer spend less, they went for diversity. Buying more products for less money. I am looking forward to the results of “Green Monday” then.

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  • Matt Coddington

    Cyber Monday would be more appealing if there were hoards of other people swarming around you to battle your way through. And the occasional greeter to trample.

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  • Kenney and Kim

    I think we can still look at this a positive. I mean with the economy the way that it is, to be up 1% isn’t bad. It’s growth. And obviously prices were down because transactions were up. This is good for parents as it seems they were able to get more presents for each kid.

  • Matt | Small Biz Bee

    It’s gonna be a rough holiday season for most retailers, that’s just the reality of it.


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  • Patrick

    As I said in a preview post, I am not surprised at all this year. Black Friday had much better deals and I couldn’t find any on cyber monday. We’ll see how the rest of the holidays go, but unless they start to have better deals, people aren’t going to shop as much.

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  • Utah SEO Pro

    I saw MUCH more than 1% YOY lift this Cyber Monday than last.

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  • Jaan Kanellis

    I think this is very much a positive considering the economy.

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  • Matt Helphrey

    Yes not surprising. Im sure it is mostly a direct result to the ongoing recession. I expect those numbers to rebound sharply over the next 2 or 3 years.

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  • Jacques Seoman

    I do see the numbers going up, with a corresponding drop in regular retail statistics. The reduced spend is indicative of the current tight economic situation, but the 14% increase in transactions is at least a positive indication of online growth