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By Taylor Pratt

Let the rumors begin! Jon Miller, the former CEO of AOL and current venture capitalist, is rumored to be raising funds to try and buy Yahoo! It’s hard to say whether or not this story has any merit, because Miller could just be raising funds for his new venture capitalist firm, Velocity.

According to, Miller and gang have been presenting to investors all across the globe to raise funds. What isn’t clear is if the funds are intended for making a Yahoo bid. Yahoo’s stock closed today at 11.50/share, up 7% thanks to this news.

If Miller and co. are interested in making a bid, it is rumored that they would offer somewhere between $20-$22 a share (roughly $28-$30 billion). Microsoft had offered $31 a share back in January (doh!).

Taylor Pratt is a Search Marketing Specialist at nFusion, a results focused marketing agency.

  • Matt

    I think Yahoo is just the en vogue rumor of the year. I for one am not betting on any kind of acquisition or buyout of Yahoo, but at least the $$$ being rumored about is starting to make sense… @ $30 was crazy. I also heard Oprah may be putting together a cash offer, but I can’t confirm it.


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  • Jaan Kanellis
  • Matt Helphrey

    Doh is right! They should have taken Microsofts offer. Oh well, Im sure they will be fine with 30 billion.

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  • Jon Parker

    They need to just stick with searching for a new CEO for the time being

  • SeoBrain

    Its not just about taking which is the best offer, its about idealism.. if microsoft buy yahoo, i dont know about yahoo future. I prever yahoo take Jhon miller offer if its true he want to buy Yahoo!

  • meeting rooms

    No comments!

  • Craig Barrett

    I don’t believe it. I am not sure what the updside would be for the buyers. It does not fit well into a portfolio and the short term growth potential is minimal.

  • iphone

    I doubt he’d be successful, maybe for the ceo job, not as a buyer

  • George Nobles

    AOL tring to get its position back.