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Just two weeks ago Facebook reached the 130 million user landmark. As of yesterday, they have already reached 140 million users. At this pace, Facebook is now growing at 600,000 users per day. That’s about 7 users a second. By the time you finish reading this news story, at least 420 users will have joined Facebook.

According to Inside Facebook, Facebook has been growing at 3-4 hundred thousand users per day during the fourth quarter. For some reason, this number has drastically increased.

If Facebook continues at this rate, it could add up to 20 million new users in December and reach 200 million active users by March. Keep in mind however that about 70% of that growth is happening outside the United States.

And these aren’t inactive accounts, either. Facebook recently released engagement statistics, showing how not only are new accounts being setup, but they are active accounts as well. Some of the more interesting statistics include:

  • 15 million pieces of content are shared each month
  • 4 million videos are uploaded each month
  • 2.5 million users become fans of Pages each day

These types of statistics should help you prove to your Executives that Facebook shouldn’t be ignored.

  • Erick

    How many of these 600k are actual and unique people?

  • Joshua Dorkin @

    Wow, Andy! That’s just sick growth, even if a good percentage of the accounts are fakes or duplicates, as Erick suggests. Once you cross the tipping point, things really start moving, I guess! Our real estate social network is at the 50-100 new members a day pace right now, and slowly increases. This post just inspires us to continue to provide a great venue for people, and hopefully we’ll reach the steamroller phase sometime soon!

    Regardless, Facebook has certainly become a monster and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  • PJ Brunet

    When the Internet training wheels come off, you don’t want a Facebook, you want a dot-com. A dot-com makes you money, a Facebook doesn’t.

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  • Blog Expert

    A lot of these are spammers creating multiple accounts like they did on Myspace.

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  • Christine

    Good for them, but if the spam starts showing up, I’m out. Facebook should be for individuals, not companies trying to get publicity.

  • Joshua Dorkin @

    Christine – Inevitably, when these social networks get to a certain size, the companies start clawing to create a presence and the spam starts flowing. We’re actually working on systems for our site to prevent this from happening, and thus far, have had a pretty good success rate.

    There’s nothing worse then having Frank’s Furniture or some other business clawing at befriending you. I think these social sites should enforce a policy like ours which prevents people from creating profiles for companies. Social networking is about person to person interaction, even on the business side of things.

  • paisley

    sometimes people are setting up profesional profiles, like for a company or one for personal one for business, etc..

    paisley’s last blog post..Facebook Growing by 600,000 Users a Day

  • Anaokulu

    it’s really big number. Facebook will have very very big database nearly.

  • Nichole

    Facebook is gaining popularity day by day and it will be increased virtually.

  • thewutzupphilippines

    I am also a member of facebook. it is so addicting because of its features.

    thewutzupphilippines’s last blog post..Pupil leads pack of Sony BMG awardees

  • edison

    very nice and informative site.. keep it up.. 😉

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  • George Nobles

    Facebook is really a great social bookmarking sites.

  • Wii Fit

    Facebook spreading like a fire in Social Bookmarking sites.

  • Open Source Development PHP India

    Excellent, released engagement statistics of Facebook and I am sure it will soar higher.

  • krishna

    Facebook has every reason to grow @that speed coz it has got interesting features and cool applications inside it which are not available among other social networking websites. I have tried many social networking websites and of all till now my best choice is FACEBOOK. kudos to it 😉

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  • Nick Stamoulis

    I agree, how many of those profiles are legit people looking to use the website for its served purpose?

  • Paul Viau

    It sort of makes sense because as 10 people join – They would reach out to all the people they know and ask them to join. If only 1/10 of that persons friends joined then that’s all it would take. Its surprising that the numbers have taken that long to explode!

  • MGA

    This is an incredible potential. I hope facebook can manage this exposure and turn it into return…

  • AIDS Drugs

    Yea a lot of the users are fake accounts or made for other purposes. Facebook is being very successful anyhow and once they work out some of the monetization issues will become a very profitable company.

  • Web Design Beach

    When i saw that my 13 year old nephew signed up last week :-), i am not surprised with those numbers at all.

  • SEO

    Good numbers…uhu

  • Neil

    This is growing very quickly.

  • Ken Acton

    Phenomenal growth. I guess they must have the right formula to keep people engaged.

    Ken Acton’s last blog post..Attention All Twitter Users

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  • Wii

    The growth of this is unbelievable. It will be bigger than the internet

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