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A few weeks ago, we reported that free WiFi may be coming to a city near you. The proposal, which is pending FCC approval, would auction public airwaves with a mandate for free WiFi nationwide. T-Mobile is one of the leading advocates against the bill, saying it would cause interference with theirs and others’ services. The FCC’s engineers have looked into the issue, and assure that this would not be a problem.

One of the top Democratic lawmakers has asked the FCC to delay voting on this proposal, and the FCC will vote on whether or not to delay it on Thursday.

Should the FCC delay action on the proposal, it will most likely decide not to take action on it until after February 2009. Why? In February, the FCC will be overseeing the transition digital television across the U.S and doesn’t want anything to divert its attention during this time.

  • I can see the reasoning to delay it, but only for a couple weeks. This DTV transition is not going to be that difficult. If however, the reason for delaying is pressure or big bags of under the table cash from T-Mobile and other service providers, then they should be tarred, feathered, tied to a rail and whisked out of Washington. Consumers have been hamstrung by the service providers too long, treated like crap in customer service, and have had sub par and over priced service that has stifled innovation. They did this to themselves. Time for the internet to become as ubiquitous as the roads and highways. This means the door will be wide open for IPTV and IP Phone services to compete head on with telcom and cable monopolies. Viva laissez faire!

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  • If this project will be released than the internet will have much more users and it will become more profitable to have a website on the net.

  • How silly! Typical bureaucratese.

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  • Bush will delay this as much as possible.

  • typical, i can see why cell phone companies would oppose this. If wifi was everywhere for free I doubt I would have just paid another $300 for a new blackberry.

  • Well I hope sooner than later. Seriously though, how do put ownership on airwaves? Lets quit delaying the inevitable and make it happen already.

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  • Free Nation-wide Wi-fi, now I am starting to wish I lived in the U.S!!

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  • Yep, everything today is politics!

  • T-Mobile and other big business are trying to stop this because they will loose a lot of business on this.

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  • Free Nation-wide Wi-fi, now I am starting to wish I lived in the U.S!!

  • Connie

    Ummm…I’m confused. If they are “auctioning” the airwaves, with a mandate for free wi-fi, would the price being paid for the airwaves only apply to cellphones etc. That’s they way I’m taking it.
    I am jumping for JOY over the mere prospect of free wi-fi! We only live 4 miles out of town, but there is no dsl and no cable available out here. Our only options are 31K dialup or our current satellite which is often HORRIBLE !!! And, exorbitantly expensive. If I had had a clue that 4 miles would basically mean no mans land, I probably would have reconsidered moving here, since we DO have an online business. I recently used the T1 line at the hospital while hubby was having surgery, and was amazed at the speed. So, my opinion is: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hurry up!!! 🙂

  • I think it will take some time.

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  • thsi would be awesome! I wonder when we may see something like this in Spain

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