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Over the last few months, Google has rolled out several changes to their image search. First, they released the ability to limit search results to images only containing faces. Next, they released the ability to only search for photo images, which limits images results to images that contain photographic elements.

On Friday, Google released yet another update to their image search engine. Users are now able to filter results to clip art or line images. Here is an example of what this search feature looks like:

Google Image Search

I love the direction that Google image search has taken. Giving users choices like this is really setting them apart from competitors. When are the other search engines going to start taking initiative and rolling out new features of their own?

  • Now that is friggin awesome!

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  • I love this new feature..Now I can search for cliparts!

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  • I’ve been LONG awaiting this one!

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  • PS3

    I wouldn’t go quite as far as describing this as “awesome” but it is certainly useful, should save a bit of time.

  • That is pretty sweet! I use image search a lot and that will definitely be helpful!

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  • Cool. i use google image a lot for my blog. This can definitely help me. i am particular when it comes to images

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  • That is very cool. Image search refining is surely headache to make, so no wonder Google is first to make steps in that area. That’s the reason why they are currently the best.

  • It is really awesome.

  • This is why it is more important than ever to use titles and descriptions in your images, not only name them well. One of my favorite plugins of all time is Tagaroo, but the one problem it has with serving up flickr images as well as semantic tags for your use is it it keeps the the flickr number based name and if I didn’t have a system to deal with that in place it would leave me cold in the new google search.

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  • This indeed is a very good development. I have so far been using only their photographs but with this post have realized that there are other options and will use them too. Thank you.

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  • it’s about time
    now all google need to do is properly filter their searches,
    Im constantly seeing x-rated pictures while using safesearch, and frankly, I don’t want to 😐

  • Danielle

    Nice improvements…but Windows Live has a similar feature — and more. It lets you refine searches by size, aspect ratio, color, and photograph or illustration. Plus, if you’re looking for a photo of a person, it lets you refine by “face” and “head and shoulders.” Its format in general is much more convenient: instead of having to click “next” to keep looking through images, it lets you scroll through them all at once…

  • Yes, this is such a better way of searching for images. I always want to filter things out and used to get a terrible jumble of different image types. So this is very useful.

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  • Wii

    I always wanted this feature as I use clip arts a lot and it annoyed me needing to add ‘clip art’ to my search term each time

  • Great ideas, It will be interesting to see when they start incorporating more video in to search results… I would think that videos would be just as popular as pics. But then again, they may want to be careful now to show inappropriate content.