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by Rene LeMerle

Search advertisers can now ride the wave of iPhone and G1 mania thats engulfing the mobile world, and target the rapidly growing number of searchers on the go.

Google’s mobile team have just released a new campaign level option that allows AdWords advertisers to target iPhone and G1 mobile phone users.

The number of mobile devices that offer full web browsers is growing exponentially, making it much easier for businesses to tap into the mobile market, which Google obviously wants to dominate.

Whereas in the past, advertisers had to set up mobile ads and mobile landing pages (for best results), the new option allows advertisers to use existing text ads and destination pages on these new mobile devices.

The ads will have many of the same benefits as our standard mobile ads, such as the delivery of mobile-specific calls-to-action and reaching mobile users that are searching with their phones more than ever — especially during the holiday season.

With the new iPhone targeting, advertisers will be able to set up specific campaigns for these devices and enjoy the benefits of specific performance reporting to measure and optimize results.

For a quick explanation on how to set up the targeting—watch this video summary of the new mobile program thanks to Alexandra Kenin, from Google’s Product Marketing Manager for the Mobile Ads team:

Rene LeMerle is the VP of Marketing at, a leading provider of results driven Search Engine Marketing services.

  • This will be interesting. I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes but it may be a huge success.

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  • Jason kUiper

    I hope we dont start getting spam and pop ups on our I phones. Boy that wouldn’t be exciting!

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  • I think this is an excellent move by Google. Soon there will be a lot more mobile devices everywhere and google as always will be ahead of the mobile advertising game.

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  • Trust Google to be charging hard ahead. Mobile is where the biggest growth is at, at present. Their presence will be getting bigger and stronger, heed my words!

  • One more great move by Google. We will see how it will go public and what reactions will be like.

  • At this rate, all of us will get hooked to being online 24/7!

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  • as a newbie on seo your informations is very interesting and usefull

  • A good move on Google’s part. With the increasing mobile browsing market, this will surely be a hit for online advertisers.

  • Really good move I think for Google. Yeah I think this will be interesting. I was also looking today at Adsense for mobile devices too! Finding out about having compatible web pages for mobile devices.

  • Its a good and different move from Google. I think it will be a great success.

  • Google like spreading like a fire in this world. With this move google will get more regular visitor daily.

  • Today i saw at Friendster, Google have new ads format to.. the ads result showing search result for just one site ( i see on my friendster profile sidebar.. did you know with this new ads format ?

  • I think the conversions are probably low for these mobile ads, there needs to be a lot more development before they are really ready.

  • A natural progression for Google. It is great for advertisers, possibly annoying for the iPhone user.

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  • It seems a natural progression of the technology. There are so many aaplications and uses being developed right now for the iPhone. It’ll be exciting to see.

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  • googles ahead of the game again

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  • will the first one in get there fingers burnt

    As with many of these ideas I think the advertisers who go in first will lose money on it only later will it be more accepted by the users

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