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Ever since I made the migration from Microsoft Office to Google Apps, I’ve been whining for a Task/To-do List application from Google. It always puzzled me why such a simple application wasn’t already available from within either Gmail or Google Calendar. With no hint of an official Google task list, I turned to Remember The Milk and its handy-dandy Gmail plugin.

Could my love affair with Remember The Milk turn sour, now that Google has announced Tasks for Gmail?

Gmail Tasks is still a “Labs” project, so you’ll need to dive into your settings to activate it. Here’s how:

To enable Tasks, go to Settings, click the Labs tab (or just click here if you’re signed in). Select “Enable” next to “Tasks” and then click “Save Changes” at the bottom. Then, after Gmail refreshes, on the left under the “Contacts” link, you’ll see a “Tasks” link. Just click it to get started.

So, have I given up on Remember The Milk? Actually, no. While a day may come that sees me converting to Google’s soy milk task list alternative, Gmail Tasks has a long way to go. If nothing else, I couldn’t figure out how to make a Gmail task repeat–which comes in handy as a reminder for invoicing clients and advertisers. 😉

If you need a simply task list–and use Gmail–check out the new Tasks option. For those of you looking for something a little more robust, Remember The Milk’s milkshake still brings all the boys to the yard task list rocks!

  • You didn’t mention the best part of the new tasks, which is the ability to assign specific emails to your task list as an action item. To do this, select the email, then use the “more actions” dropdown to select “add to tasks.” Now you can clean up your inbox and refer to that email with one click from your task list.

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  • I can’t believe it took them this long to come up with some kind of ToDo list. I’ve been whining about it forever too.

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  • You have pointed out on very interesting issue.

  • Jeff

    Also, even greater than linking to emails — is that its also an outliner. Every site I’ve seen has neglected to mention this. Is anyone aware of it? This is the most exciting news I think!

  • JT

    Very nice, but I stick myself to Microsoft Office anyway though.

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  • Jaci

    Really, it’d take a lot for Google to surpass RTM. I’d love to have tighter tasks->google apps integration but it’s like expecting MySpace to surpass Flickr with their albums. Probably not going to happen, even by the awe-inspiring Google. I was still holding out some hope they’d buy RTM, but alas it looks like that dream must die…I assume it’ll stay a simple task app that’s easy to use, and I’ll stick with RTM’s gmail plugin.

  • could google have maybe forgotten to have a tasks application lol?

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  • jay

    Sadly, it doesn’t work yet for Google Apps for your business—yet.

  • Awesome…

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  • Would like to see something a bit more robust before I make the switch to Google Tasks. I've already migrated my address book and calendar from Apple's MobileMe … just need a reason to get my tasks out of and I'll have all the goods in one place.

    Had a wakeup call this morning when didn't want to load at all. Woah! Scared me quite a bit, and I started investigating Google's tasks again. But without a way to look at things as a daily agenda it's quite useless. I keep quite a number of tasks floating out into the future, but don't want to have to flip from subject to subject to see what I have to do today. And I don't want to see the items I don't have to do today.

    Google, I know you can do it.