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I know that I should be excited about the endless possibilities that Google Friend Connect will bring, but I can’t help wonder how this service is any different from Yahoo’s MyBlogLog.

Anyway, if you’ve been itching to add Google Friend Connect to your own web site, you’re in for a good Friday. Google has just announced that–in no way connected to any threat that Facebook Connect may bring–Google Friend Connect is now open to all.

What’s all the fuss? You can view the video below:

In the meantime, a gold star to anyone that can tell me how this is connected to Google’s core focus? Didn’t the company just say that it was cutting back on anything that wasn’t "search, ads and apps?"

  • Andy Beal, you’ve made great friday today by letting us know the everlasting potential about the Google Friend Connect.

  • I would have to agree Andy it appears to be no more than a mybloglog clone of sorts,and we all know how useless that is.

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  • What a laugh! Thanks but no thanks.

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  • Either way it is still a cool feature to allow your customers to interact with each other.

  • I think Google is using “apps” in the broadest sense of the word, it can cover about anything they want 😉

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  • Google want to dominating all service in Internet..

  • I think I will use this Google Feature. I also use lots of Google services and would have no problem using Friend Connect.

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  • I believe it is not out of Google’s core competency.

    With ‘Friend Connect’, eventually you will see Google everywhere. It is like AOL’s strategy in the 90’s.
    Never leave the portal site.

    I am sure you know but Google’s vision statement is to

    Organize the world’s information and make it accessible to everyone everywhere.
    I believe Friend Connect along with Google Apps fits the mission and vision.

    In my opinion the same cannot be said for Orkut.

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  • A little slicker interface than MyBlogLog, but you’re right it does seem similar.


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  • Google is the ruler of all things internet….it doesnt surprise me they changed their mind or went against what they had originally stated.

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  • Organize the world’s information and make it accessible to everyone everywhere.
    I believe Friend Connect along with Google Apps fits the mission and vision.

  • Why does Google need to copy every damn thing…that a competitor comes up with.

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  • Perhaps they’ll use Netflix-like algorithms to find similarities among friends’ search histories, RSS subscriptions, locations, etc. to personalize search results?

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  • PS3

    How many different ways to connect with “friends” do we need? Surely there is a saturation point!

  • lol. yeah I thought they were working only on core stuff. lol. This is a sneaky curve ball.

  • Google want to personlise search, so this could well go towards determining what certain sectors of the herd wants. Your tastes and preferences will definitely reflect to some extent on your network of friends.

  • It’s really tempting to drop my MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog widgets to install this, but I’m still not sure if I want those widgets displayed at all. What’s the point of displaying all those thumbnails? I do like potential for blogs to go viral once people log in using google, facebook, openID, etc. accounts.

    And while it does seem like Google is trying to take over the universe, I have to say that their features are always downright awesome. So perhaps a future version of this friend connect feature will be a must-have for every blogger.

  • Google’s reach will never be satisfied with just search.. that may be their core focus but they’ll always look for other pies to stick their fingers in.

  • It is one more steps to be ahead of all search engine by google.

  • They are pretty similar but, I guess, it will do better due to the fact it is ‘Google’ Same that more people would rather buy a Canon camera compared to a let’s say Konica. It is the name. I for one will go and have a try. One site bloglog, other site Google.

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  • JT

    I’ll try putting it on my blog, seems like a nice thing for blogging with social network.

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