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BusinessWeek has put together a list of the ten companies it believes are the most influential in the world. Not a scientific poll–a 14-member advisory board made the selections–but still worth taking a look.

Perhaps more interesting than the companies that made the list, is that BusinessWeek acknowledges its selections include companies that have successfully engaged their customers using social media.

The core characteristics of influence are unchanged, whether it’s inspiring a loyal following, spawning big ideas, or building up mammoth market share. What has changed is how players achieve it. A company’s physical assets are less important now than the force of its ideas. In the age of blogging and instant communication, consumers are less the recipients of corporate influence than powerful actors who help shape it. "We’re coming to realize a brand is not just what the manufacturer says it is," says Shelly Lazarus, chairman and CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, "but everything that the consumer or the customer experiences."

You can browse the list here.

  • Social media plays a huge roll in corporate communication so any company embracing it early deserves to be recognized.

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  • Social media has been so powerful ever since it started years back.. Not only those influential business rely on social media but almost all businesses who believes in the power of Internet.

  • social media is just going to get bigger. if there is a web 3.0 seriously what is it going to include?

  • Marketing can’t control Social Media.
    Since centuries companies could control the communications of mass media.

    Now anyone can post a message on a social site and if it gets picked up by others it will spread uncontrolled. That can be positively for the company or negatively for the company or products.
    Advertising hasn’t got the same power and costs money.
    Worser: youngsters (Generation XYZ-whatever) avoid advertising as luch as they can as they zap away during commerical breaks.

  • So true. The internet has completely redefined brand and marketing brand. It is the future of how products will be sold and how consumers will marketed too. Anyone who takes massive action will see increased interest in whatever it is they are promoting.

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  • Social media are huge like social bookmarking, social networking, video shariing, online gaming. It is not rely on influential companies as well as over the internet.

  • “Influence is like water, always flowing somewhere”, great stuff. n my opinion Apple and Google are becoming influential quite quickly!

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  • Social media is very huge space. It is best way to connect large group of people.