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At this time of year big news stories are hard to come by, so we’ll just have to go with a pretty juicy rumor.

According to Valleywag, Google’s face of innovation, Marissa Mayer, could leave the company this year:

Top Googlers, overheard at a holiday party, chattered about Mayer’s departure as a matter of if, not when. And in some ways, it’s surprising she’s stayed as long as she has.

No real court would ever allow the above as evidence, but in the court of public opinion, a rumor like this may as well be a smoking gun!

Now, here’s a question for you–all in fun, with no claims on my part–who will leave Google first? Marissa Mayer or Matt Cutts?

Matt Cutts is another prime candidate for a Google exit. Also an early employee–which means he’s likely done well with his stock–Matt has been slowly cutting back his conference “face time” and is certainly smart enough and liked enough to do his own “thang.”

So, click the poll below and cast your vote:

  • Ed

    Marissa got engaged without me :(

    On that note, here’s Andy’s funniest tweet of 2008

  • Jaan Kanellis

    More importantly if Matt C does leave, who will become the “face” of Google to all of the SEOers and marketers out there?

    Jaan Kanellis’s last blog post..2008 Year-End Google Zeitgeist Released, Sarah Palin Rules

  • Joe Hall

    I think it would be great irony if Matt left to open his own black hat SEO agency. You know that he would be able to set the highest rates in the industry!

    Joe Hall’s last blog post..Get the ball rolling?

  • Ben Fremer

    Marissa out first. Cutts scales down to part-time consultant / advisor.


    Marissa got engaged to a non-technical guy, so continuing working 100 hour weeks probably isn’t as attractive to her as married life would be.

    Matt Cutts works about 50-60 hours per week last I heard, and his wife apparently is notably against him working much more, so he seems less likely to launch a startup since startups often consume like all of your life for a 1-4 years for what I’ve seen. If he’s reducing his hours, I think it would be for more family time.

  • Blog Expert

    All I have to say is that Marissa is fine. I hope she leaves and comes to me. haha

    Blog Expert’s last blog post..Free Logo Design – Pimp My Blog’s Logo

  • Matt Cutts

    Am I allowed to vote? :)

    P.S. Blog Expert, don’t be a doof.

    Matt Cutts’s last blog post..Google Feedback from my Parents

  • Joe Hall

    @Matt – I am sure Andy wouldn’t mind you voting, and seeing how you know both subjects probably than any of us, would you like to give your prediction here?? LOL!

    Joe Hall’s last blog post..Get the ball rolling?

  • Andy Beal

    @Matt of course you get to vote! Care to tell us how you voted? 😉

  • Christian Vuong

    I don’t see either of them leaving anytime soon!

  • CasinoGamblingAddict

    I’d say Marissa Mayer would leave first.

    I believe it would be harder to replace a more public figure like Matt. As another commenter said, he may cut back his work schedule, but I would be shoked to hear he left

  • Christopher Ross

    Marissa is the reason I use Google but I prefer watching Matt’s videos … er .. I’m torn. Actually, I hope neither leaves or that they both do so long as neither joins the forces of evil.

    Christopher Ross’s last blog post..Technology Burnout, the Downside of the IT Industry

  • Jeremy Luebke


    Does Poll Daddy give you the IPs of each vote? Not that you would ever compare IPs of comments with those of votes…. 😉

  • Andy Beal

    @Jeremy – LOL! Yes it does at the Pro level, but I’m not paying $200 to find out if/how Matt Cutts voted. :-)

  • Jean Claude

    Well, good riddance if it’s Mayer.
    “Face of Innovation”? Come on.
    Glorified Secretary.

  • Tamar Weinberg

    This post reminds me of the posts we saw 2 years ago asking how much companies would want to pay Matt Cutts if he left Google.

    He didn’t leave then and I’m hoping that he’s not going anywhere now.

    Tamar Weinberg’s last blog post..Contest: Make a Wish for Someone Else this Holiday Season (and the Power of Blogger Outreach)

  • Ari Herzog

    My vote echoes Ben Fremer’s above. I don’t know Marissa’s and Matt’s relations well, but I doubt Matt will leave first. If anything, I agree he’ll stay on in some advising role.

    Ari Herzog’s last blog post..Closing 2008 With Thanks

  • Monty –

    I have no idea!

    Monty –’s last blog post..PR Updated!

  • Silvia

    If Marissa was engaged we must congratulate her on that occasion. She is so pretty lady!

  • Rob Kingston

    Niether of them seem likely to leave, but I voted Marissa Mayer – purely because Matt Cutts seems cozy.

    Rob Kingston’s last blog post..Facebook Crowdsourcing Translation: Predictable Results?

  • PS3

    50-60 hours a week!! I’m sure Matt is well compensated but that isn’t a fantastic work/life balance.

  • Xbox 360

    I voted Matt, Marissa seems the more dedicated to me, just because.

  • http://http// AussieWebmaster

    Matt is not going anywhere – and his cut back on conferences is mainly a public statement to make sure his wife does not make him and the cat sleep on the couch….

  • sam

    You guys are so stupid, you read someone’s blog writing about his own expectation for Google in 2009 and like idiots you start spreading it as a rumor.

  • SEO Training Grounds

    Actually I don’t have any ideo of who among the two will leave Google first. Is leaving for them really needed?!

    SEO Training Grounds’s last blog post..Saying Goodbye to 2008

  • Ami Ohayon

    I don’t see either leaving except for a high-profile startup … and I’m not certain that 2009 is going to be a great year for startups.

    Ami Ohayon’s last blog post..Winter Waterland – Not

  • Patrick

    It would be interesting if Matt does leave as to who would replace him. As most people have said, I don’t think either will leave.

    Patrick’s last blog post..Happy New Years

  • Saad Kamal

    Voted for Merrisa. She has been in Google for too long. I think its time for her so ‘enjoy’ her life by working as a consultant in a smaller firm.

    Saad Kamal’s last blog post..Google PageRank Update Q4 2008

  • susan

    I’d go with Matt. Not that either of them are really likely to go anywhere. But hey, what’s life without a bit of juicy gossip? lol

  • Nicole Price

    My money is on Matt.

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..New Year Resolutions to Help You Save Money

  • Diamonds

    Id say Matt but both are unlikely to be fired.

    Diamonds’s last blog post..The Romantic History of Diamonds

  • caio

    I believe that Marissa Mayer first exit

    caio’s last blog post..Feriados 2009 ? lista completa

  • Utah SEO Pro

    Marissa will. Matt knows too much. He’s probably chained to Google forever.

    Utah SEO Pro’s last blog post..An Interview with Utah SEO Pro (Jordan Kasteler) by Martin Bowling

  • Weight Loss Blog

    I think Matt has what it takes to start something on his own. Both are probably “well off” with their Google shares plus I don’t think they are working for peanuts either.

    Matt will go first.

    Weight Loss Blog’s last blog post..Stop Counting Calories

  • Silvia

    I think Marissa will go as far as the talk is about future changes in her private life.

  • Jacques Seoman

    I think it will be Marissa, having said that it is a sure thing that both her and Matt have awesome reputations and offers will definitely pour in. Time management seems to be the issue both of them have. Long hours put serious strain on family life.

  • Frank Reed

    Wow, search marketing is starting to look like the sports world. Rumor and speculation rules the day. If either one leaves I wish them the best in whatever they do next and I hope they choose to do something that will advance the whole internet marketing industry forward.

    Next thing we will be wondering if people will fit under the salary cap. MP-ESPN. DA DA DA, DA DA DA

    Frank Reed’s last blog post..SMB’s Must Be Willing to Learn the Basics of Internet Marketing

  • R&B Love Songs

    They’ve both made enough money, they could leave the business for good. I’m pretty sure Marissa’s jumping though.

  • thewutzupphilippines

    i am surprised by this entry. actually it doesn’t really matter. the two can actually stand on their own without working for google.

    thewutzupphilippines’s last blog post..No marriage plans yet for Rachelle Ann Go, Gab Valenciano

  • Genel kultur

    i think Matt Cutts will never leave.Because he is a brand all over the word. Every webmaster know about him.

    Genel kultur’s last blog post..İNSANIN KÖKENİ

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  • Web Design Beach

    I don’t think either one will leave, but anyhow i voted for Marrisa. We will see…

  • DF Marketing SEO

    Definitely Matt Cutts. He is going to start his own Pay Per Click engine and SEO firm. Just joking

  • water Tanks

    My vote Marrissa.

    But not sure why would either leave


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