Posted December 1, 2008 11:33 pm by with 1 comment

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Welcome to December! Can’t you just feel the days slipping through your fingers?

  • According to Louisiana advertising rules to take effect in April, lawyers will no longer be allowed to blog, Twitter or participate in blogs and forums, and it’s going to get a bit more difficult for them to advertise on search engines. Naturally, some lawyers are suing for the right to blog. I don’t which of you lawmakers came up with those rules, but nice move, genius.
  • Despite numerous comeback attempts in March and being put up for sale in April, Lycos Europe is giving up the ghost, subject to next week’s shareholder meeting.
  • Did the New York Times figure out the secret to Facebook business success that will work for you? Maybe, if your goal is tripling your number of fans overnight (and you’re willing to exploit the popularity of Barack Obama). But can that = money? (via)
  • Unsurprisingly, reports conflict over Microsoft plan to buy Yahoo search. The on-again-off-again romance has run hot and cold for far too long for anyone on either side to be believed in their rumors or denials, anyway.
  • Yahoo’s still making headway in the mobile arena as their oneSearch partners with Virgin Media to provide their search, the announcement coming just weeks after that of Yahoo’s deal with T-mobile.