Posted December 10, 2008 11:42 pm by with 6 comments

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It’s that time again!

  • comScore’s latest Internet video usage report is in. YouTube received 100 million viewers in October, but Hulu is the sixth most popular video site. How long till they really start catching up to YouTube, if ever?
  • Just in case you needed another named online shopping holiday in the month of December this year, the Monday after Cyber Monday (December 8 this year) has been dubbed Mega Monday and Hitwise says the traffic bears the title out.
  • Another company jumps on the “Data availability” bandwagon: MySpace goes with Google for MySpaceID.
  • Want to know how online retail can beat the recession? Crib off Amazon.
  • Google Maps increases its Street View coverage to include most of the US.
  • JT

    As far as I know, youtube is not really making much money even though they have many viewers…

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  • Google is really very great. This is one more step to retain as no.1 in SE.

  • Yeah I think Hulu is so neat. I just found out about them in a post done here a couple of weeks ago. And Google maps is impressive. We invest in real estate and I sometimes when we look up houses it will show a view as if we are looking right from the curb. It’s a trip. I can determine if I want to go and look at the house based on that sometimes. Technology is so cool.

  • No doubt google is realy doing good, besides, they pay me money

  • I did all my Christmas shopping online the week before Thanksgiving this year so that I could get the things I wanted before the stock was gone. A lot of my friends did the same.

    I wonder how many others did that and if that will eventually get it’s own name too!

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  • Amazon slays me … they are just extraordinary at what they do. I’ve been a customer of theirs from the very beginning, and they’ve always impressed me.