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Today is practically a national holiday: Britney Spears’s birthday. Celebrate.

  • Something’s going on ’round here: Carl Icahn has bought up more Yahoo, increasing his stake to 5.5% of the company. Ten guesses what he wants to do with it—oh, wait, Jerry Yang is already out…
  • How was Black Friday online? comScore reports that eCommerce spending was up 1 percent YOY. Time to celebrate?
  • Did you know that Alexa was also a search engine? Yeah, well, not anymore. The Alexa service we all know and love to hate, website traffic rankings, will not be affected (and, as TechCrunch puts it, neither will anyone else).
  • Did anybody use Alexa’s search engine to begin with?


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  • I have to agree with Matt, who even regards Alexa as a viable ranking. I can definitely tell that Black Friday spending was up this year. There were lots of good deals, especially online and it shows.

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  • Never knew Alexa had a search engine, am just aware of the perceived value a good Alexa ranking gives to your blog / site. It is interesting that more shares are being bought in Yahoo by Carl Icahn, a classic case of flogging a dead horse…..or……maybe he knows something we don’t 😉

  • I never use alexa to search something.. anything i doit with google. Alexa for site ranking? i agree with that because one of my site is reached 100 top alexa.

  • Some interesting links as always! Like the one on Alexa – will anyone notice?

  • Alexa is not to much famoush in terms for search result it is famous only to see the traffic in it.