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Around this time each year, I like to huddle around the fire with loved-ones and look back on the most popular Marketing Pilgrim posts of the past year. So, grab some hot chocolate, and let’s get lost in this fairytale, shall we? 😉

  1. 200+ Internet Marketing Gurus on Twitter – the only credit I can take for the #1 most popular post of 2008, is that I agreed to publish it! Brian Chappell kicked off a list of marketing “gurus” on Twitter and we invited you to leave a comment with your Twitter handle. 635+ comments later, and the post is still going strong!
  2. Social Media Monitoring Tools: 26 Free Online Reputation Tools – still going strong from its original 2007 publishing date, this post demonstrates the increasing demand for social media monitoring tools.
  3. New Contest – Win an iPod Touch! – we often give away great prizes on Marketing Pilgrim, but you guys went nuts for a chance to win an iPod Touch.
  4. Free Online Reputation Management Beginner’s Guide – the guide that inspired the writing of Radically Transparent. Nearly 3 years after its publication, it’s still as popular as ever!
  5. Google Reputation Management – I sense a trend here. 😉
  6. Barack Obama Will Win The US Presidency – Guaranteed! – Sean Maguire’s tongue-in-cheek proclamation that Obama would win the presidency–5 months before actually did–become a hot post for us. The months leading to the election, “will Obama will win?” was the top Google search for this post.
  7. The Five Pillars of Social Media Marketing – Ben Wills won our first ever SEM Scholarship with this entry. Two years later, the post continues to prove why it was a worthy winner.
  8. For Kids: Google Logo Contest – even I’m shocked at the number of people that continue to search for “Google contests” each day.
  9. Motrin Faces Twitter Headache Over New Video Campaign – this one is a shocker. It goes to show how much of a big deal the Motrin Moms fiasco was. This post is a little over a month old, but generated enough traffic to break the top 10 for the entire year!
  10. 21 of the Best WordPress Plugins for New Blogs – another post that went supernova hot. When I bared all–plugins that is–you guys were gracious enough to comment, blog, and Tweet this post into the top 10 of 2008.

Some observations:

  • Three of the top 10–including #1–weren’t written by me. This goes to show just how talented our Pilgrim Writers are!
  • Four were reputation management themed. It appears my passion for the topic, is equally shared by our readers.
  • Another four weren’t even published in 2008!

Thanks to all of our great writers for their contributions and our sincere thanks to each of you who rely on Marketing Pilgrim for your news with a splash of opinion.

PS. Here’s what was rocking back in 2007 and 2006.