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If you’re Google, how do you subtly tell your thousands of employees that they should abandon their iPhone and instead use the company’s–lesser–Android phone?

How about dishing out HTC Dream Android phones to employees as Christmas presents? That’s exactly what Google appears to have done:

We’ve never developed anything like the Android software before, so this represented a unique opportunity to celebrate that achievement," a Google spokesperson told today.

Apart from spreading Christmas cheer, having all the employees using the phone would help make Android better, the spokesperson continued. "Giving the Dream phone to Googlers also allows us to once again dog food a product and make it even better."

Is this a fabulous gift–that Googlers will love–or, just an attempt to force iPhone lovers to make the switch? 😉

  • Dobes Vandermeer – Clarity Accounting

    Now if only they would give a free Android phone to applications developers like myself, they might get some more 3rd-party support as well.

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  • Terry Howard

    Or…. they’ll just give some lucky friend or relative an awesome Christmas gift and keep using their iPhone.

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  • PS3

    What a fantastic gift, what do you have to do to get a job at Google these days?

  • thewutzupphilippines

    what a great gift from google. my boss only gave me gift cheques for christmas which is not bad since i love to shop

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  • Web Design Beach

    Well, that is a smart move indeed, as i am sure, not everyone would switch from Iphone to Android with easy.

  • DF Marketing SEO

    LOL. That is pretty neat – I like companies that take care of their employees. If a company takes care of their customers and their employees, they are unstoppable.