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Only Twelve More Years Until the “Year of the Mobile”

If you’re waiting for that elusive “Year of the Mobile” you might want to mark you calendar for the year 2020. According to a new Pew study, that’s when “internet experts” suggest enough of us will have web-enabled cell phones in our pockets to make it a reality.

Another eight twelve years!!!

And, that’s just the optimists! According to the “Future of the Internet III” study the pessimists among us don’t believe that 2020 is a realistic goal. According to MediaPost:

However, not all the experts surveyed by Pew envisioned a boundless future for mobile. Some expressed doubts about open networks, bandwidth and screen size, among other aspects of cell phones.

Some believe that the lack of a universally-available wireless network is the biggest barrier to growth, while others suggest that the small screen size of cell phones mean that there will never really be a “Year of the Mobile.”

What do you think? How close are we to that elusive year?


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