Survey Says: Chris Hughes Top Online Marketer of 2008

100 Top Online Marketers of 2008

100 Top Online Marketers of 2008

Invesp Consulting, a company that does landing page optimization asked online marketers to nominate the best online marketers of 2008. These are marketers who have been innovative and contributed to online marketing as a whole. They named 100 of the best.

The first pick for online marketer of the Year was Chris Hughes who ran the online side of the historic victory of president elect Barak Obama and co-founded Facebook. “The campaign relied heavily on social media outlets to reach out to potential voters, increase their knowledge of Mr. Obama and rally their votes.” Hughes is also the youngest person on the list.

Facebook Growing by 600,000 Users a Day

Just two weeks ago Facebook reached the 130 million user landmark. As of yesterday, they have already reached 140 million users. At this pace, Facebook is now growing at 600,000 users per day. That’s about 7 users a second. By the time you finish reading this news story, at least 420 users will have joined Facebook.

According to Inside Facebook, Facebook has been growing at 3-4 hundred thousand users per day during the fourth quarter. For some reason, this number has drastically increased.

If Facebook continues at this rate, it could add up to 20 million new users in December and reach 200 million active users by March. Keep in mind however that about 70% of that growth is happening outside the United States.

Marketing News Roundup for Dec 18

Since we’ve brought on more Pilgrim writers, we’ve been able to cover a lot more news stories each day. That said, there are still a lot that get left in the “reject” pile. It’s not that we don’t think they’re newsworthy, we just couldn’t think of anything else that needed to be said.

Rather than sweep them into the trash can, they’re listed below for your edification:

AdWords Editor Gets an Upgrade – Google Releases Version 7.0

by Rene LeMerle

The team down at Google has just unveiled the latest version of their AdWords Editor. The update is heavily focused on providing advertisers with campaign critical metrics.

AdWords Editor version 7.0 comes just 2 months after the last major upgrade (version 6.5 in Oct 2008). This latest round of improvements covers the following areas (as detailed in the release notes):

  • First page bid estimates: AdWords Editor now uses first page bid estimates for your keywords. Minimum cost-per-click (CPC) bids are no longer used.
  • Keyword Quality Score: The Keywords tab now displays the Quality Score for your keywords.
  • Keyword Opportunities locale: Tailor your keyword suggestions to a particular language and location by changing your Keyword Opportunities locale.

Marketing Pilgrim Continues to Honor Embargoes

TechCrunch today has declared an end to embargoes, other than for exclusives and trusted companies. The underlying reason is that the embargo system is so often abused or ignored as to be pointless. Thus, TC says it’s time for a new site policy:

We’ve never broken an embargo at TechCrunch. Not once. Today that ends. From now our new policy is to break every embargo. We’ll happily agree to whatever you ask of us, and then we’ll just do whatever we feel like right after that. We may break an embargo by one minute or three days. We’ll choose at random.

Naturally, Mike Arrington and his staff have the right to take their site in whatever direction they want. And, as he elaborates in his post, because most PR firms issuing embargoed releases seldom take action against embargo breakers, there will probably be few if any consequences of their new policy.

What Google SearchWiki Means for Your Rankings

Over at WebProNews I answer Chris Crum’s questions on the topic of Google’s SearchWiki. We chat about the impact on reputation management and I also share my thoughts from an SEO perspective:

"I’m intrigued by a number of possibilities here, not all of which are negative."

"First, one web site’s ‘vote down’ is another’s ‘vote up,’" [Beal] explains. "Think about it. OK, so a user could vote down your web listing, but they could just as easily vote down your competitor. Now, instead of spending endless nights worrying about how to move from #2 on Google to #1, your target customer just did the job for you–albeit confined to their search browser only."

50% Christmas Discount on All Job Listings in December

There’s one thing I hate to see this time of year; layoffs. What a lousy Christmas present!

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