Twitter Hiring Product Manager for Revenue Generation

Looks like Evan Williams wasn’t kidding when he turned down Facebook last month. Evan had said one of the primary reasons that Twitter turned Facebook down was that they haven’t established a way to monetize the social platform yet. He also mentioned that monetizing Twitter is the top priority over the next year. Evan claims that he is tired of having to rely on fundraising as their primary source of revenue.

In Twitter’s first effort to achieve that goal, they posted a job description for a Product Manager whose primary responsibility will be to monetize Twitter. The job description looks like this:

Hurry Quantities Limited: Save $150 on the 2008 Online Advertising Handbook

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There’s also a free executive summary you can download–before buying the full report–and you can read my full review from May of this year.

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Yahoo Cuts Data Retention to 3 Months; Will Google Follow?

It’s not often that Yahoo makes a move bold enough to put pressure on Google. Today it does just that, with news that it will reduce its data retention policy from 13 months to just 3.

At a time when Google is pushing ahead with actively using personalized data to improve search results, Yahoo is banking on our fears that search engines know too much about us already.

Under Yahoo’s new policy, the company will strip out portions of users’ IP addresses, alter small tracking files known as “cookies” and delete other potential personally identifiable information after 90 days in most cases. In cases involving fraud and data security, the company will anonymize the data after six months.

Small Business Don’t Get It–Still Failing to Invest in Search Marketing

by Rene LeMerle

A new study out by Microsoft AdCenter confirms it – small business are still missing the mark when it comes to the potential of online.

It appears a large proportion of small business owners are still stuck in the “build it and they will come” mentality. The study highlights that most small businesses have developed websites, but have done little more to enhance their online business presence.

According to the report, over 59% of small business owners who own websites don’t use paid search marketing, and of those, a whopping 90% have never tried it.

Maybe this statistic tells the real story. Apparently

…seven in 10 small-business owners who participated revealed that they would rather try to do their own taxes than start a paid search marketing campaign.

Hulu Losing Viewers and Advertisers?

HuluIs it time for Hulu to hit the panic button? First their November traffic numbers were down almost 11% from October, and now it appears that advertisers are moving on, too.

According to All Things Digital, although Hulu claims their revenue numbers are still on the rise, they suddenly have found themselves with their advertising space freeing up. Back in August, Hulu reported that their advertising space had sold out. This is no longer the case.

What’s the cause of this new advertising space? Are advertisers pulling out or is it a result from visitors watching more videos, giving Hulu more opportunities to show more ads? Whichever the case, All Things Digital author Peter Kafka thinks this is no time to panic.

Open Web Awards: People’s Choice Winners Announced

Over at Mashable, they’ve announced the winners of The 2nd Annual Open Web Awards–you’ll recall that we were one of the many blog partners for the awards.

Here’s a sample of the winners–for the full list, head to Mashable.

Mainstream & Large Scale Social Networks

Winner: Netlog
Runner-up: Platinum Lounge

Embeddable Widgets

Winner: Qoof
Runner-up: Sprout

Blog Plugins

Winner: ShareThis
Runner-up: AddThis

Social News

Winner: Help a Reporter Out
Runner-up: Hubdub

Social Networking Applications

Winner: Aritition
Runner-up: Digsby

Social Bookmarking

Winner: Diigo
Runner-up: ShareThis

Search & Social Search

Winner: Scour
Runner-up: Artiklz

Is Your Brand on Twitter? It Should Be!

By Carrie Hill

There’s a great article over at Mashable this week from Lon Cohen about brand presence on Twitter.  I’ll preface this review by saying I’m a Twitter addict, so I might be a little biased toward the “Yes” side of things but I’ll do my best to represent the Twitter naysayers as well.

Cohen outlines three reasons why brands and Twitter can play nice together.

  • Twitter is opt in—so technically anyone following your brand has an interest in what you have to say.  You’re not sending a mass email hoping 1% of the people care—if you’re engaging with your Twitter followers—they’re interested because they’ve chosen and continue to follow you.