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Netpop Research has released a report that says that around 40 million Americans contribute to social networking sites. 76% of all US broadband users actively contribute to social media sites, and 29% regularly contribute to social networks. (via)

Who are these social networkers?

Netpop tells us that the typical social networker is female (57% vs. 43%), between 18 and 29 years old, employed (55%) or a student (23%), and single (48%). Broadband users who don’t contribute to social networks are usually older, married (57%) men (57%).

People that contribute to social networks will spend on average of about $101 online, while the folks that aren’t a part of social networks spend around $80.

MySpace Vs. Facebook

I think one of the most interesting aspects of this report is the comparison between MySpace and Facebook users. If you are a user of both networks then perhaps the data below won’t surprise you but it gives many of us a clearer picture of the over all networking landscape.

Netpop’s full report is available for free download to registered members until January 31st. Go get yours or check out the slides below.

  • PS3

    That is huge! What percentage of the US population does that represent?

  • @PS3 — I think the most recent census says that there are roughly around 300 million in the US, which puts 40 million at around 13% or 14% of total us population.

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  • Thanks for reporting on our findings, Joe. We’re coming out with more reports in the future, so get in touch if there’s anything we can help you with.

  • GPS

    Those percentages seem REALLY high to me. I guess it depends on what defines “actively participate” and “regularly contribute”. So many people originally set up accounts with social networking sites, but once the allure wore off, haven’t visited those sites in ages and ages.

  • This bears out with my own gut feel for the phenomenon. It is the younger lot who are in most need of social networks and women more so. The older citizens seem to have quitened down and stable.

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  • That’s more than expected. I’d like to see frequency though.

  • 40million people? we have what 300 million people in the US?

    great information

  • When they say active user, do they mean participating on a daily basis for hours at a time, or are these people popping on periodically to catch up with friends? I think part of the reason for this phenomenon is the fact that we are such a busy and mobile world now. I think there is a stigma for some people about the types of people who utilize social media, but when you consider the technological world we are living in, I think it’s pretty normal these days.

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  • Myspace is still ahead of Facebook, after all the attempts Facebook had on Myspace. In fact, many told me that was also started by Facebook supporters!

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  • Interesting figures. I wonder how they would compare with other countries in Europe, whether it would the same sorts of pursuits for MySpace and Facebook users.

    Although looking at the graph, it seems all the geeks are on Facebook, and all the creative sorts are on MySpace (I’m going to get it in the neck for that!). In my defence, I don’t do MySpace, but I’m on Facebook.

  • I think the differences between myspace and facebook are rather amusing. It makes sense its dominant in colleges it was started for that purpose.

  • I think this is not a huge amount of money for soical networking.

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