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By Carrie Hill

A new article from MediaPost outlines the strength of the big three’s ad networks—even in the face of a struggling economy.

According to a report by AdGooroo, Google grew their advertiser count by nearly 55% when compared to the fourth quarter of 2007. Microsoft’s share of advertisers grew by nearly 12%. Yahoo’s numbers were not given although the author did indicate they had the worst performance of all advertisers when compared year over year.

AdGooroo CEO Rich Stokes went so far as to suggest the fourth quarter of this year may be the strongest on record for both Google & Microsoft and that Google has increased advertiser levels back to those seen in January of 2008.

When Google was contending with layoff rumors and a “sell” rating from Wall Street analysts it looked like the Internet giant might be on the verge of trouble. If these numbers continue they may be on the road back to dominance.

Carrie Hill is the SEO Team leader for Blizzard Internet Marketing where she specializes in optimizing travel, tourism and accommodations websites

  • Good news – the increase in Google and Microsoft advertisers is pretty stunning. I wouldn’t have guessed either would have gained that much this year…Yahoo!…nothing good still, eh?

  • I agree with Jayson. I would have guess that advertising would have stayed the same or gone down with Google and Microsoft. I guess that online advertising has been affected by the recent recession and actually gotten stronger from it.

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  • Online advertising just makes more and more sense as the world slips deeper into depression. It just sidesteps so many traditional costs….

  • @Jayson, @Patrick & @Jacques

    It is suprising, especially when we hear doom and gloom around every economic corner.

    I think businesses are starting to discover the unquie advantages online advertising has over traditional. The fact that you can track a visitor from query through purchase is something almost all traditional forms of advertising cannot offer.

    When dollars are scarce any business – small or large – is going to be more cognizant of the dollars they spend and the return on that investment.

    Thanks for commenting – 🙂

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  • They’ll be fine in the long run as online advertising will increase. It levels the playing for so many businesses and allows many others to expand to an audience they would have never known.

  • Again Google and Microsoft it looks like they are monopolists on advertising market

  • Jason Kuiper

    Google is king! Thank goodness for online business!

  • Interesting to see what will happen. I find Google a lot of times to be pretty ignorant and arrogant. Especially to people who they might need in future. And, then I am referring to the many web masters they totally abuse and then say, sorry dude, your adsense account is closed. Why? Because we say so.

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  • Great news. If online advertising continues to grow, albeit more slowly, during the economic mess, just wait until the economy starts to turn the corner….whether that’s 6 months from now or 20 months from now.

  • Google will always (in my opinion at least) persist.. I simply don’t see them buckling to economic troubles, even when it seemed as thought they might I had no doubt they’d bounce back and will likely end up stronger than ever

  • I am not surprice to see google coverd 55% of total advertisment. I think google deserve that because it gives wonderfull result.

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