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by Rene LeMerle

Amidst the economic doom and gloom, a new report has been released which shows that Search is defying the trends and predictions. Search advertiser numbers are surging in Q4 2008.

AdGooroo, a provider of competitive intelligence keyword research and suggestion tools, has released its Mid Quarter Search Engine Update Q408 which reports “First page advertising activity on all three search engines was up sharply during the first two months of Q4”:

While substantial growth is to be expected during the holiday season, the increase in active advertiser counts is surprising given the current environment of gloom and doom.

The growth across the search engines is remarkable given the current economic climate. Google has increased its advertiser count by almost 55%, which goes well beyond any seasonality.

According to the report, Microsoft has also increased its share of the search advertising market in Q4, holding 15.8% (up from 11.8% in Q3). This brings it much closer to second placed rival Yahoo! which now holds only 22.1%.

Image source: AdGooroo Mid Quarter Search Engine Update Q408

For full details and charts, you can download a 4-page version of the report from the AdGooroo website.

Rene LeMerle is the VP of Marketing at, a leading provider of results driven Search Engine Marketing services.

  • It is really very important post for those who belive in online advertisment.

  • Finally wisdom seems to have dawned on marketeers. When things are bad is when good marketeers step up effective ad spend. It is now reasonably clear that online advertising is paying off more effectively than other conventional spends. I also suspect that, in these times of slow down, the kind of products and services that are getting ad spend are different than main stream.

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  • If you don’t market, you won’t make any sales. If you don’t make any sales you don’t make any money. It’s all about marketing. But smart marketing is more important when times are tough. Low cost, effective marketing.

  • As is known that advertising is the engine of trade, if they increased it on 55%, how muvh their sales increased then?

  • great post, i look for more companies to start dumping more money into adwords and seo

  • Is it not obvious this is due to the Christmas season, why is this time of year not compared back to the same one last year or in any other year.