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By: Carrie Hill

A new study released through Marketing Sherpa outlines the process by which the All Canadian Investment Corporation marketing team was challenged to take a nicely performing landing page and make it better.

The challenge with testing is similar to the challenge doctors face – first do no harm. By making changes based on fact, instead of on “gut” you’re less likely to cause adverse affects by making changes.

ACIC wanted to clean up the navigation and design and add customer testimonials to their landing page. They developed 2 new scenarios and ran an A/B/C test to let their users decide which page they liked the best. By testing and measuring the page most likely to convert your traffic the results are much more likely to sustain the lifts in conversion you’re looking for.

The results of their test were very impressive. The “wining” version of the test showed a 58.9% increase in leads generated over the control (or original) page.

Read more about the details of the test over at Marketing Sherpa.

Carrie Hill is the SEO Team leader for Blizzard Internet Marketing where she specializes in optimizing travel, tourism and accommodations websites.

  • PS3

    A 60% increase in leads! That is phenominal, they need to do that for a living!

  • Matt Helphrey

    Very cool. Just goes to show what a little research can do. In that case it probably made them a lot more money!

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  • Matt | Small Biz Bee

    Makes sense to me, how do you know what works or doesn’t unless you test it out.


    Matt | Small Biz Bee’s last blog post..You Want Customers? Ask for Them!

  • Kenney and Kim

    Test Test Test. Your going totally blind unless you test. You can save money, time, and a ton of headaches testing. Turning unprofitable campaigns into money makers just by testing a few different variables. Thanks for the post.

  • Nichole

    I agree with you. Testing will save your money and time. Its good for us to do test and that will be the most beneficial for us including money and time both.

  • George Nobles

    alway try to create someting new for the people.

  • SeoBrain

    Thanks to them for the test result, now we can know what layout will give the best performed.. Maybe i think three coloumn can makes visitor stay focused on the content and they mostly ignored the sidebar.

  • Goran Web Design

    That’s a fantastic increase!!!
    Goes to show how much of a difference the application of tested theories will make as opposed to taking shots in the dark

  • Megan Leap

    Nice case study. Testing is key to increasing conversions!

  • Utah SEO Pro

    Funny how people focus so much on higher SERP rankings for more $ as opposed to fixing their pages for more $.

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