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Seems like you can’t turn around without falling over a Twitter article, blog post, how to guide or whatever. Now that there is a brief but well stated Twitter primer in the WSJ, the proverbial cat is out of the bag. No longer will Twitter be amongst the cool internet marketing crowd or be confined to the 35 and under set (for the most part). So what’s next?

First, I personally thought that Guy Kawasaki’s take on Twitter was right on the money. He starts off by making the statement:

If the concept of using Twitter in a commercial manner interests you, keep reading. If it doesn’t, then you can continue to send and receive tweets about how cats are rolling over and the line at Starbucks.

He nailed it there. I decided to read on and I was glad I did (his take on nobodies being the new somebodies is good stuff). This is a commercial tool to the nth degree. For all of you ‘Twitterers’ out there (is that even a word or term that is acceptable to Twitter Nation?) I personally will not follow your tweets if you are incessantly boring everyone with the last mundane task you just completed. We all have mundane tasks and just because you can tell everyone about it doesn’t make it any less mundane. In fact, it helps it move from the mundane to the inane. Stop telling us everything ……… please! Of course, now that the mainstream press is hitting the Twitter train hard there will be may new users you will have to find out just what you use as a measurement when you are deciding what to tell the world.

Be sure to check out Mat Siltala’s take on being a Twitter-holic as well. It is at the same time funny, sad and disturbing because there is so much truth in the post.

How are you using Twitter? Is it valuable? Is it personal, commercial, all or none of the above? Marketing Pilgrim readers tend to be among the opinion leaders with this stuff so maybe we could all tell each other here how it is used then tweet it later on because we are all so cool ;-).

  • I may be a bit of a Titter-holic, but need to share I have done some of my best networking through Twitter. The internet marketing community obviously is well-represented, especially those in search. What I find valuable is finding pockets of people who follow each other, checking out their conversations and articles, and provide feedback when I can. I’ve found his community is generous, helpful and transparent (for the most part). The genuine “tweeps” are the ones that are successful, not the ones repeatedly dropping brand names or selling junk.

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  • Twitter is beginning to take over my life 🙂 I recently shared my thoughts on Twitter Intoxication.

    Some questions I ask:

    Are you staying up late tweeting? Does everything you do become your “next best tweet”? Do you get really excited when someone like Shaquille O’Neal is following you on Twitter?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, welcome to the Twitter Intoxication Recovery Post!

    I believe, like Guy Kawasaki said, that there are two types of Twitter people, those that want a lot of followers and those that are lying!

    If people are hesitant to get on the Twitter Bandwagon, they need to read by Darren Rowse too – he shares lots of tips on Twitter and how to use it most effectively.

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  • On every community, there is must be some conflict happen.. for me personally, i dont like to be in the conflict party.. just be a ordinary people..

  • Hey thanks for the mention! I of course found out by Twitter! LOL

  • twitter is a powerful community for communication and for getting quick answers of questions that you need. and i am voting now “to tweeter”. Hold on to tweeter:)

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  • Yeah I dont understand why some people are constantly tweeting every little thing they do. Seriously who really cares? I dont want to know everything you are doing. Lame

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  • Started but quit soon enough i figured it is very time consuming and ineffective, because of a bunch of stupid twittings.

  • Matt’s post is poignant and Kawasaki’s advise is well taken. I would rather not have anything to do with this intrusion.

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  • I pay attention to Twitter and my wife uses it. I haven’t let myself really get into it though because I find it to be used to much for “mundane” updates. I don’t mind them sometimes, but I think to get some good information also.

  • PS3

    I see where you are coming from Kevin but for most of us, a large part of life is mundane. That is just the way it is, are you suggesting not to twitter unless it is to announce something groundbreaking?

  • One of great post by you.

  • Twitter and Plurk is begin to take over my life 😀

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