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By Taylor Pratt

Yahoo! rolled out yesterday a new Search Assist feature for their image search. Yahoo’s Search Assist is a feature that gives users recommendations to make their search more specific and return more relevant results.

The new Search Assist feature is two-tiered. The first tier consists of the normal Search Assist recommendations. The second tier displays previews of images you’ll see if you select that specific search phrase. Entering the keyword “bob” into the search bar brings up the following Search Assist results:

Yahoo Image Search Assist

So far, I love the feature. I can imagine it will be a huge time-saver when searching for things other than “bob” which returns pretty obvious results. I’ve personally always enjoyed Yahoo’s search interface. I think it is one of the areas it is better than Google (even though Google rolled out their own Search Assist).

Taylor Pratt is a Search Marketing Specialist at nFusion, a results focused marketing agency.

  • Hi Taylor,

    I agree with you. The GUI of Yahoo’s search is very usable. I won’t say it’s better than Google’s one, but it’s really handy, and fast!

    I also tweeted about Yahoo Search Assist this morning, but i recommend Yahoo to implement this image-assistant in their regular search also. Refining queries by selecting the proper image is interesting and user-friendly for the regular se-visitor.

    Anyway, Yahoo is working on it 😉

  • yes, the search assist feature is rather helpful when you are not very sure of the targeted word you are searching for.

  • useful idea, good to see that yahoo are starting to do a bit of innovation

  • This is a very welcome development.

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  • Yeah I think this is a cool feature. Especially for most regular users who really don’t know how to search like a pro. This is really cool.

  • Fast and useful, when search assist only guide me for a word search target I feel happy, but now Yahoo make a big improvement, this will help me much

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  • PS3

    Another great feature but I still can’t get away from the fact the Google is the page I open every time Firefox starts.

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  • This function will help yahoo to attract more people to use yahoo.

  • It seems very handy and gives such noticeable output as searching the keyword and the feature looks quite amazing as it will save the time while searching particular things.

  • I actually still like the Yahoo search engine, and with these nice features, they eve nbecome harder to resist. Sometimes, they come up with better related search results than Google. Can’t really give any examples coming to think of it, but I remember having the feeling several times after using Yahoo and this feeling was one of delight and ease. Google might be the big money maker and player, they do have some decent competitors. I like Yahoo. At least they are MILES better than MSN. I do not like the way MSN uses some kind of stealth advertiser tool to place search results in your stat accounts. Annoying spammy behavior.

    In case anyone does not know what I mean: I own a credit related site. Every so now and then (usually every second day) I get a visitor coming from MSN who searched credit. Sure, when I go and check it out, I am FAR from being seen on the first page, yet, MSN reaches my site using that search. I wonder what they try to do with this. Oh, it is not just this site that it happens to. Many others have seen it too.

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  • It’s unfortunate that no matter what Yahoo! does, Google’s massive lead on them means that it’s unlikely they’ll ever be able to catch up.. Yahoo! rolls out a new and exciting feature, Google copies the idea and Yahoo!’s achievement is buried

  • JT

    The new GUI is really cool.

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