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By Joe Hall

Well, it’s official, YouTube can now be seen in High Definition. What an awesome way to start the weekend! It wasn’t long ago that we reported on YouTube’s change in size. And now we are seeing what we assumed was right around the corner, is here!

The change also comes as YouTube announces more and more deals with professional content providers including CBS and MGM.

Surprisingly YouTube’s new HD format looks phenomenal! Some are even saying that it surpasses the quality found from rivals such as vimeo. I will admit that I am not a good enough judge of quality to say if that’s true. But I can say that it looks great to me.

One aspect that should be pointed out is that users will need a relatively fast broadband connection to enjoy these videos, otherwise they sometimes appear to stutter and constantly buffer. Although I have heard of similar issues on competitor sites like Hulu and powerhouse Netflix. Maybe our ISPs need to pick up the slack a bit.

YouTube HD LinkSo how does one start viewing these videos now? Search for an HD video that you would like to see. Once you find one, click the link “watch in HD” at the bottom right corner of the player.

If you are having trouble finding a cool HD video to watch feel free to check out a few of my new favorites:

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