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By Joe Hall

Well, it’s official, YouTube can now be seen in High Definition. What an awesome way to start the weekend! It wasn’t long ago that we reported on YouTube’s change in size. And now we are seeing what we assumed was right around the corner, is here!

The change also comes as YouTube announces more and more deals with professional content providers including CBS and MGM.

Surprisingly YouTube’s new HD format looks phenomenal! Some are even saying that it surpasses the quality found from rivals such as vimeo. I will admit that I am not a good enough judge of quality to say if that’s true. But I can say that it looks great to me.

One aspect that should be pointed out is that users will need a relatively fast broadband connection to enjoy these videos, otherwise they sometimes appear to stutter and constantly buffer. Although I have heard of similar issues on competitor sites like Hulu and powerhouse Netflix. Maybe our ISPs need to pick up the slack a bit.

YouTube HD LinkSo how does one start viewing these videos now? Search for an HD video that you would like to see. Once you find one, click the link “watch in HD” at the bottom right corner of the player.

If you are having trouble finding a cool HD video to watch feel free to check out a few of my new favorites:

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  • Andy Beal

    The Spiderman video was my favorite! 😉

  • Matt Helphrey

    That is absolutely wonderful news! I was wondering when they would finally use some of those profits to better their site.

    Matt Helphrey’s last blog post..A Little Article Marketing Research

  • Utah SEO Pro

    There’s a code you use when embedding YouTube videos to make them high quality automatically. Excited for these new HD features… now you have to buy cameras that record in HD from my understanding, right?

    Utah SEO Pro’s last blog post..ExactFactor: An SEO Tool Review

  • Joe Hall

    @Utah SEO Pro

    Yes you are right it does take a camera that can record in HD format. The MinoHD is an excellent choice for this. And it looks great on YouTube as well.


    Yeah Spiderman rocks!

    Joe Hall’s last blog post..Backlink Analysis Made Simple and Fun!

  • Nicole Price

    I agree entirely with your very enthusiastic post. What a difference it has made.

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..Offbeat Gift Ideas

  • Saad Kamal

    /me loving every bit of it!!

    Saad Kamal’s last blog post..Technorati Engage Ad Network (Public Beta)

  • SeoBrain

    Yeah i love spiderman movie too.. thanks for giving me incorrect url lol..

    Anyway i like this new youtube feature.. youtube still the numero uno .

  • Patrick

    Wow, that looks crazy. I watched the ghostbuster video and it is truly HD. I hope more videos begin to be in HD on Youtube. I also like the fact that it was just as fast as normal videos too.

    Patrick’s last blog post..Make Your Own Homeade Pesticides and Repellants

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  • Jacques Seoman

    Geez, living in an African country, where bandwith is slow and expensive I am both thrilled to hear about the new YouTube HD development, and sad that I won’t be able to quite enjoy it as yet!

  • Busby SEO

    Hi Joe, I think you give wrong url for spiderman film LOL

    Busby SEO’s last blog post..By: Chalicious

  • JR @ Internet Marketing Do-Follow Blog

    It’s just an HD world all around now, funny, HD looks even better than live views!

    JR @ Internet Marketing Do-Follow Blog’s last blog post..THE Tip to Staying Organized in Internet Marketing

  • PS3

    I already get a fairly sporadic connection with you tube, can’t imagine being able to watch a full HD movie any time soon. Love the concept though.

  • Anaokulu

    Hulu is the best i think, about hd. But i guess youtube will have golden step to be best.

  • Ken @ Money From Home Blog

    Can’t wait to see what some of the deals with the major players brings to the table.

    Ken @ Money From Home Blog’s last blog post..New Make Money Online Blog Grabs Top Coveted Google Rankings

  • Vlad

    Finally theiy did something, because sometimes the quality of the videos is awful

  • Anaokulu


    What do you mean? Is there any changing?

  • Jason Kuiper

    Wow, what a great quality pic. I am loving every second of it!

  • Super Affiliate Traffic

    It is really looking well isn’t it? While I used to always already use the high quality button if one was available, the quality they show now far surpasses that

    Super Affiliate Traffic’s last blog post..Super Affiliate Traffic by Erick Rockefeller and Howie Schwartz

  • Goran Web Design

    Greeeat!! I live in South Africa!! Meaning, I’m going to be unable to truly enjoy these HD videos… Such is life I suppose but I’m still rather disappointed

  • Web Design Beach

    Those are really great news. Finally we will be able to watch real quality videos on YouTube.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Thats great. I know Vimeo has offered that for a while now.

  • Yellow SEO – Search Engine Optimization

    HD video , nice to see stream video getting crisper, and now just as good as the regular video clips

  • ann

    I like this new youtube features.

  • JT

    Even though they have the HD version I still stick myself to the simple ones because of the load time is better.

    JT’s last blog post..Zen and PPC campaigns