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  • all so true. Wheres the kid with the pink fairy wings?

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  • He is already arriving from minute to minute.

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  • It’s kind of unfortunate. Having a personal life is almost being stripped away as sharing it on the internet could endanger your future.

    Still, some things probably are better kept as skeletons in the closet…

  • What about “My Twitter account got hacked so I lost all my business”?

  • Haha. All too often, people don’t realize that their bosses and recruiters are also online. So if you must put something up, it is important to make sure that it is private and cannot be seen by more than friends. But in the best scenario, nothing should be put on the web that you don’t want to be public.

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  • Followup… I have had friends whose job offers have been revoked because of things like these.

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  • PS3

    A simply bit of comedy to illustrate an important theme and reinforce Andy’s reputation management.

    What say you made some mistakes in your very early days of life on the internet though. Those wont go away, how do you deal with that?

  • Disgraced evangelist Ted Haggard recently said that he lost out on jobs he thought he had because prospective employers Googled his name and discovered the scandal. Of course, his fall from grace was well known on and off line.

    One other problem is when someone else has the same name as yours and outranks you in Google and has Facebook and other profiles. A potential employer could glance at those, assume the drunken idiot on YouTube is you and pass on offering you an interview.

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  • I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve shrieked at my son in reference to what he posts to his Facebook and Myspace pages!!! This stuff can come back to haunt you and what you think is funny at 18 can be ACUTELY embarrassing at 25 or 30.

    What he doesn’t seem to grasp is that once it’s on the web – it’s there FOR GOOD!!!

    Remember Lonely Girl 15? She was “outed” because someone dug up a copy of the actress’ Myspace profile from the archives.

    I’m just glad to see my offspring isn’t the ONLY one not thinking ahead!

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  • Ya, that’s the problem with given too much self expression in social media.

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  • There seems to be a balancing act that we all have to follow. I don’t want to come across as a crazy lush, but I also don’t want to come across as a teetotaling leave-it-to-beaver kind of gal. That’s just not honest.

    This is a weird analogy, but I think of my online reputation the same way I looked at selling cars online, which I used to do. When I sold cars on eBay, I wanted the buyer to say, “Cool, that’s exactly what I expected” when they picked it up. I made it look good because it brought them to us, but I didn’t want to oversell it and thus risk a negative feedback.

    It is the little details about someone, the fact that they are NOT perfect, which makes them believable and approachable.

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  • I’ve learned to keep seperate personal and professional accounts.

    I’m generally not posting anything wild but I’m sure business contacts don’t care about my politics or that I’m eating pie in my jammies or want to be flooded with pics of my kids.

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  • I’ve heard issues with the same name deal before and that’s why I’d like to think the companies would come to you before making a decision based upon what they find. Get some strong facts about the evidence you see before using it.

  • Personally I think that anyone who chooses to share too much of their personal life with the millions on Facebook pretty much deserves whatever misfortune such action earns them. Really guys, it’s called a “PERSONAL life” for a reason..

  • LOL! Very cool stuff. Hey Andy, if you need me to draw you up a comic strip or something for free, mail me at the address shown on the comment entry.

    To check out some of my stuff, go to

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  • I don’t think it’s ok that people share their personal stuff on Facebook, they need to separate their professional life from their personal life. We don’t to afraid to share our personal life.

    Paul Hi8

  • I don’t agree with Kevin fro UTAH SEO Blog, while I do agree with Paul Hi8.
    Our profile is personal, and we shouldn’t allow strangers access to our blog.

  • Very timely, when so many are sending out resumes all over!

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  • I am stick to having two separate accounts to avoid any misunderstandings. It is the best solution, believe me.

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  • Wii

    I must say I read lots on peoples facebook accounts that I would never want to tell anybody never mind half the world. It is silly of people to put some incriminating thing on sites like that

  • This is why I don’t put anything on facebook or youtube. People put way too much information out of the web for people to see.

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  • Good Laugh, but, as with most of the sensible commentators out there, we should all simply ensure that what we put into the very public domain that is the Web, is stuff that we are happy to have known by everyone.

    I think the protection of corporate reputation is one of the reasons that people are being checked out on line with more regularity. I also think that some folks are simply nosey and figure that “googling” someone is a good thing to do.

    PS First time reader (came via google search!)

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  • that means or definitely, social media sites are also life killer.

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  • lol…lol…You just had a post the other month about someone getting fired from a Facebook page or something. I think they were making fun of Clinton or something if I remember correctly.

  • Personnel agencies are regularly checking facebook profiles whilst vetting candidates, and I’ve come across several articles with horror stories already! The bottom line is to be as circumspect as possible, and to remeber that “Loose Lips Sink Ships!”

  • Indeed. It is now a common thing for recruiters and agencies to view MySpace and Facebook pages for all potential new hires. I got the memo years ago. Its funny that people STILL haven’t learned.

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  • Has anyone seen the microsoft music maker video? That was a national disaster