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Just a few weeks ago Facebook reached 140 million users. We reported that Facebook was growing at a jaw-dropping 600,000 users a day, and thanks to that growth they have hit the 150 million user milestone.

My first instinct was to question how active users were. After all, I get 10+ Twitter friend requests a day almost none of which are legit. According to Search Engine Watch, half of Facebook’s users use the site every day. Amazing!

Mark Zuckerberg wrote on the Facebook blog stating that Facebook has users in every continent in the world, including Antarctica. With over 35 languages spoken on Facebook and a users from over 170 countries and territories.

2009 looks like it will be an exciting year for Facebook. How many users do you think they’ll end Q2 and Q4 with? At a rate of 600,000 users a day they’ll be well over 300 million users by year’s end.

It will be interesting to see the demand increase for marketing on Facebook this year. I anticipate more and more clients wanting to include this in their media plan.

  • It was pretty impressive to test facebook ads out this year with a few projects. Being able to specify which users you would like to see your ad is helpful, and facebook keeps letting companies get more specific on who they would like to target. It’s a fantastic way to get the word out. I think it will get more important this year to separate friends into groups as users begin excepting more users that aren’t close friends into their facebook world.

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  • Happy for Facebook on their growth. Pretty impressive.

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  • Yes, Facebook may exceed 150 million users but i think the servers of facebook is not enough. Because some times i have to wait 5 minute to load the page. i offer them to get much more computers that serves faster.

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  • Facebook is driving towards the future of social. They may not always get it right, but they do get that community is about content, context and connectivity. Opening up to interactions with outside sites and services was smart. MySpace doesn’t really get it. They turned into a follower.

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  • 150 Million User base is HUGE! I wonder how far they can go from here.

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  • Impressive stats! Apparently the fastest growing demographic are “older folk” who are now copying their kids and younger friends, and liking it so much that they’re telling their friends……etc…….etc

    The question that begs to be asked is how big can this possibly get? One thing is for sure, I’ll be following facebooks progress with an eagle eye, just for the awsome social experiment that it is!

  • This is insane growth… And Antarctica? Really? I didn’t know that communities live there, let alone, people who would be on facebook. lol.

    Yes, it will be interesting to see how large it gets over the course of this year.

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  • Wow, tremendous numbers and you say half use it regularly? Those are outrageous numbers. Now the question is how well they can get their advertising. I’ve heard mixed things about it and if they can get that straightened up, they’re sitting on a gold mine!

  • I wonder if this bubble will simply keep growing and one day simply burst!

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  • wow, that is amazing, MySpace eat your heart out!
    how long till the president himself joins facebook?

    …. oh no wait

  • Wow! Is that some sort of world record or something?

  • PS3

    FaceBook has 150 million users, what percentage of the World’s overall internet users does that represent. 10%?

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  • 150 Million is considered a brilliant achievement,but everything is in its development,after the great boost usually goes the great recession,

  • That is a crazy number of users. I remember back when I was in college when they just started and hardly had anybody on it. Now everybody I know uses it.

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  • Well, there has to be a ceiling on how big Facebook can get.. But I don’t think that ceiling is very low, so I see the Facebook explosion continuing for sometime still..

  • I am sure 150 million users of Facebook is just the beginning. The number will be increasing daily. It is very impressive that about a half of them use it day by day. However, Facebook is really worth using.

  • Wii

    Facebook will only grow. I have just found out my technophobe mum has an account on there. I think I might have to vet what I write on there as I wouldn’t want to upset her

  • 150 millions users + growing = Mark Zuckerberg money!

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  • i wonder what their google analytics looks like

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  • Wow, that is incredible! I can’t believe a number that large on one social website. They have done something right, no matter what everyone says.