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At the rate Facebook has been growing these past two months, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Facebook gets more traffic than MySpace. comScore’s latest report, however, claims that not only is Facebook bigger than MySpace, it’s twice as big!

Facebook vs MySpace

This comScore chart shows that in November, Facebook began pulling ahead of MySpace thanks to their 200 million unique visitors that month. Caroline McCarthy from CNET highlights a statement from MySpace regarding comScore’s findings:

We are laser focused on building a sustainable global business which we measure by profits and revenue–not just eyeballs. In a tough economic climate, our international revenue is up 30 percent year over year and we continue to focus on those markets with the strong monetization opportunities.

Additionally, MySpace continues to dominate the U.S. market–where the bulk of online advertising revenues reside–both in terms of monetization and user engagement with more than 76 million unique users and a 40 percent spike in engagement year over year.

But with Facebook growing at the rate that it is (they hit the 150 million user milestone this month), how long will it be before Facebook implements a better way to monetize its traffic? I have to believe that more and more advertisers are flocking to Facebook to get their ads shown in front of even more users.

  • That genuinely doesn’t surprise me.
    I (like millions of others) have recently made the switch from MySpace to FaceBook, and all I can say is that it was well worth it. I found more of my friends on facebook than on myspace too!

  • The writing is on the wall, facebook offers a much more compelling user experience and because most people rapidly find more “real” fiends with fb, the switching cost is much higher than with myspace. translation: even if fb becomes slightly more annoying with more aggressive monetization, to start all over again is a less appealing option than the switch away from myspace.

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  • Thanks for a great post.

    Is there any data on the increase? Are people migrating from MySpace to FaceBook? Are these new people on FaceBook?

    I have a both accounts but I only go onto MySpace about once a quarter.


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  • Not suprising at all/. My space will be completely obsolete in 2 years

  • ben

    actually brian & to the others, myspace & facebok are both separating themselves for how people use them……

    FB is great for finding friends and keepin in touch…& myspace will always be there b/c of myspace music & video content……..they arent the same type of social network and thats why they have both co-existed for so long and will continue too…..

  • Thank you ben for the education. i did not realize this because me and most of my friends don’t use this type of social network. Excuse my ignorance.

  • Ken

    Great post. Myspace was definitely a leader in the social network arena. Cutting edge just a couple of years. It’s still a good place to socialize, but Facebook has a cleaner look, with a bit more upscale personality. The youth who took Myspace to the highest levels are now finding Facebook a bit more grown up. Follow the trends and lead like a champion.

  • Well, MySpace is good. But it needs to get updated. Navigation is not proper. Facebook is new, more energetic plus people from round the world. MySpace mainly is used by people from US and Uk.

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  • Andres Maldonado

    Thanks for the post.

    Me and my frieds have this dicusion the other day, try to check on google trends, facebook vs myspace in countrys like, Spain, Venezuela, Brazil, UK, France. Its amazing in just 4 months Facebook has increased more than 10 times and myspace is going down.
    Check also tuenti in Spain !!thats amazing trafic, myspace its dead.

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  • MySpace might be king in the US (for now, anyways….) but Facebook rules the rest of the world! Down here in South Africa everybody is on Facebook, but MySpace ain’t popular at all.

  • wendy s

    Agree with ben – the 2 sites are about different things. MySpace is hardly a social network and while Facebook is probably the best social utility there is on the web. That said, that’s not all that’s different. MySpace is messy, hard to use and impossible to even find new music with. Facebook is completely the opposite and has made some great moves with its app developer platform and more recently, Facebook Connect. No wonder the 2 are going separate ways in traffic growth.

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