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Google China; BaiduChina has launched a major crackdown on pornography today, and is asking Google and Baidu to do their part. Pornography is banned in China, but government officials are still struggling to block pornographic websites that are based abroad.

Despite pornography being blocked, both Google and Baidu are still returning search results that include pornographic links. China is now calling them out on their failed attempt to do their part in the crackdown against pornography.

In an attempt to get Google, Baidu and other websites to comply, the Chinese government released a statement on their website saying that “violators will be severely punished.” What exactly that punishment is remains unclear.

According to Cui Jin, a Google spokeswoman in China, Google is already in full compliance with Chinese law, and is not serving an pornographic links.

“If we find any violation, we will take action. So far, I haven’t seen any examples of violations,” Cui said.

We’ll keep you posted as this story continues to develop.

via The Associated Press

  • I’m sure they are having pornographic links. But who really knows I guess.

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  • The more they protect, the more the person will do it. There is just so many ways to get around it, proxies etc.

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  • I thought pornography was legal in China, as long as genitalia was pixelated/blurred?

  • freedom of expression is seen to be a key human right and while china are not the forerunners in this. However it could be argued blocking pornography is a good move then again it could be see as a front to further other agendas.

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  • In china pornograghy is forbidden as in the other countries. Erotic is something of the other sort.

  • i think this is a difficult thing to do. the internet can’ be contained

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  • Severe punishment in China usually implies the death penalty… how is Google going to deal with that? Somebody must be held responsible. Seems like their Beijing office is in for a bit of fun and games!

  • Please do. This is a very interesting development, sure to have very far reaching impacts on the Chinese internet usage.

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  • So people will just start using alternative search engines then.

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  • By “severely punished” they might altogether block Google.

  • Looks like Chinese are very serious in this. I think it is too late for them to do that now. Anyway, nothing is impossible with google.

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  • hmmm. Just further proof of the archaic mindset of china… They’re way too stuck in the past if they really think that the Internet can so easily be contained

  • Wii

    I don’t think the internet will ever be rid of porn. It is a way of life nowadays and china should accept peoples decision to ignore it or view it.

  • why not other countries do their part on this move?

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  • That will be certainly hard to do, but everything that is a must will be done surely, especially from such giants like Google and Baidu.

  • Sounds like a large task ahead of them – that isn’t easy to do. I respect banning porn, I bet that it ruins many families – just like alcohol abuse.