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Those 100 recruiters aren’t the only ones getting the axe at Google. Just two months after killing off Lively, the search giant is shuttering or abandoning several more peripheral projects.

The Google Code Blog reports on the products that are shutting down:

  • Mobile social network, designed to let users share their locations via text message, will be discontinued “in the next couple months.” Google Blogoscoped notes that “The original founders of this Google-acquired company already left a while ago in frustration due to Google allegedly not evolving their product.”
  • The Mashup Editor won’t ever leave its limited private beta. It’s being shuttered in favor the App Engine, with the final transition in six months

Google Video’s uploading is also being discontinued in favor of YouTube and converting Google Video in a meta search engine for video. Google Catalog, a collection of scanned catalogs, most likely in favor of Google Book Search and their magazines.

Also, Google is stopping “active development” on Google Notebook, so no more new features or new users on that service, though existing users are welcome to continue using it. Again, other Google products (Google Docs and SearchWiki) can replace a lot of the product’s uses.

CNET notes these changes, taken with the recruiter layoffs, contractor “layoffs,” and data center rollbacks, are a sign that Google is “growing up” and preparing for the economic situation.

  • Well, this makes sense. They should focus their efforts on their most popular/useful products. Everyone needs to trim the fat, and they have a lot of it. 🙂

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  • it’s kinda sad though, part of Google’s charm is that they just do everything, seemingly at random (though we all know nothing they do is at random) they stick their fingers in every pie and their employees have this freedom to enjoy themselves and are given freedom to be completely creative..

  • PS3

    I think that fact that they have got where they are is anything but random. We may not always like what they do but the business model is working for Google.

  • Let’s hope this doesn’t last for very long…

  • This really highlights how bad the economy is. If Google is cutting back… Things are very bad.

  • Hah, it’s about time they’re changing Google Video. You don’t buy YouTube to continue having these two different looking pages. I like their direction moving it more towards video search and making youtube the video display site.

  • This just goes to show you that nobody is safe from the economic downturn.

  • This is what happens when you start projects and dont commit resources to finish them.

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  • I like the decisions – agree with R&B Love songs, it’s high time that use google video for video search and GoogleTube, err, YouTube for what it was purchased to do.

  • Yup, they sure are battening down the hatches big time. Shedding dead weight before the economic crunch bites too hard does make sense. Sad though, because there goes loads of opportunities for many people.

  • It is unfortunate that everything is getting sucked back so close to the vest. Hopefully, this market will turn around soon!

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  • I originally thought this post was going to be about Google Firing Steve Jobs…. don’t ask why?!

  • Looks like even the smartest people on earth aren’t immune to the economy :p

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