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CNET reports that there is a Chrome sighting over on YouTube. Google recently began showing display and overlay ads on YouTube, and now seems to be pushing their own product line. 

I think this raises a few questions as to Google’s 2009 objectives:

  1. Is Google going to put a greater focus on promoting their own products like Chrome? 
  2. At what cost is Google willing to promote their products? Technically it is “free” for them to promote on YouTube, but with every Google ad they show they miss the opportunity to make money off of someone’s ad.

CNET also reports that Chrome is being advertised on the Facebook Scramble Game.

So what’s Google saying about all this?

“YouTube is emerging as a key component of our display strategy,” said Jonathan Rosenberg, senior vice president of product management, in discussing Google’s fourth-quarter earnings last week.

Added Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, “We have introduced three new video formats in the last four to five months . . . for advertising. Each of them is having some traction. It’s fair to say that we’ve not found a single solution that really drives revenue widely, and we’re certainly working on that.”

  • It seems that Google threw away some programs (Newspaper Ads) and is redoubling their efforts on others they think will “hit it big”. I think Chrome is a key component in their plans, and they may have expected it to take off better

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  • Hello,

    yesterday I saw an ad of Chrome on a non-google site.
    I am curious how much that webmaster will get for a click on a Chrome ad.


  • Chrome is the one area that I don’t believe Google will win out. Firefox is better and always improves. Safari is better and Mac users are loyal and growing. It can over-take IE perhaps, but it will take time. Better this way though as Google is becoming all-powerful

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  • Ben

    They also have ads coming up after playing a game of PathWords on Facebook. Don’t ask me how I would know…

  • In defense of Chrome, it has to be one of the fastest and most efficient browsers that I’ve ever used. Granted, it’s not without it’s crashing and problems, but for sheer speed, I’ve been very impressed.

  • I have found chrome to be popping up all over youtube seems Google really wants to push its new browser to overtake IE and Firefox. Chrome is good but still prefer firefox =D.

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  • I have seen quite a few ads for chrome across a few sites but I have noticed them more on youtube. I am still using Firefox myself so don’t know what all the fuss is about yet

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  • Google is really trying hard. I think they should have tested it more in beta stage before releasing because the initial Chrome was bad.

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