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Google ChromeGoogle is now inviting users to give Chrome 2.0 Pre-Beta a test run. In an effort to confuse many users, Chrome will be going from a 0.2 version release straight to 2.0.

The Chromium Developer Documentation site has a listing of all of the new features in 2.0. Here are a few of the more exciting features (in order of how exciting I find them):

Support for user scripts/Greasemonkey scripts

Could this be the beginning of a transition to plugins in Chrome? This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Chrome has always been second fiddle for my browsing needs because of its lack of add-on features. See the developer documentation for details.

Browser profiles

The ability to setup multiple browser profiles is a great new feature. You can setup a homepage, bookmarks, browser history for each profile you create (i.e. work, school, gaming, etc.). The Google System blog adds that you don’t need to close your browser to switch profiles, either, all you need to do is open a new window in that profile.


How many times have you found yourself clicking the middle mouse button in hopes of autoscroll kicking in? Chrome has finally fixed that issue and autoscroll will be available in the next release (and in the pre-beta if you are so inclined.)

New SafeBrowsing implementation

Just kidding, I prefer to surf on the dangerous side. They did update it to be faster and more reliable, though.

What’s the status of Mac/Linux compatibility?

According to Softpedia, Google Chrome needs ‘Common Code on Mac and Linux’ before they can make it available. It appears that it is still a work in progress and Google admits that progress is lagging behind. 

Read the official release notes for more great features coming to Chrome.

Ready to start experimenting with Chrome 2.0? All you need to do is subscribe to the developer preview channel and wait for the new version to download. You can also force the download by opening the “About Google Chrome” dialogue under the settings menu.

  • I am so sick of chrome. They screwed over firefox.

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  • I’ve been waiting for an update for a while now. If Google decided to block their site to people using FF or IE, they’d take over the browser world. I bet it’s just a matter of time…

  • Jason Dettbarn

    FYI – Google Chrome 1.0 was released almost a month ago… and shed it’s beta tag then.

  • Im still not a big fan of the browser and until it has the addons that firefox has then ff will always be my browser of choice

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  • PS3

    “In an effort to confuse many users”…

    Confuse, or lose?

  • I’m annoyed that Google always releases Windows versions before Mac and Linux.

    I think they are being very foolish: Windows may have larger market share but I think if you look at people who are more apt to influence others, far more will be Mac and Linux users.

    By and large the tech community is strongly moving to OS X and Linux. I even see Windows support techs carrying Macbooks – and I don’t mean just the ones who wiped out OS X and put Vista on it.

    Google (and anyone else) should develop OS X and Linux versions FIRST. If they did that, they’d undoubtedly see a quicker and higher adoption rate when they did release the Windows version.

  • “Google admits that progress is lagging behind.”

    I haven’t see Google say that–would you mind point out a source for that? From my perspective they’re moving pretty quickly, given they only announced Chrome at all in September.

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  • I think highly of them and the progress they are making.

  • Plug ins would be a big step in convincing me to adopt Chrome. Still, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And firefox hasn’t done me no wrong so far.

  • Having Chrome for Mac/Linus users is all well and good, but does anybody actually want to use google chrome?

  • “Having Chrome for Mac/Linus users is all well and good, but does anybody actually want to use google chrome”

    Maybe. As much as I love Firefox for its extensions and crash recovery features, it does frequently lock up on me or slow down. I often have to quit out or throw away preferences (Mac OS X) to get it back.

    If Chrome had plugins and didn’t lockup/slow down, yeah, I’d want it. If Firefox did not have that “restore tabs” feature now, I wouldn’t use it because of how often it crashes.

  • I still don’t get Google’s incentive with this browser. If they are still funding Mozilla, then why do they continue to make their browser. It will be interesting to see the competition between Chrome and Firefox as Chrome gets further developed.

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  • When Firefox is performing so well, why on earth would I want to change unless there are offerings that are not available in FF?

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  • I wonder when they will add support for Mac and Linux. Chrome seems to target techy people or web developers that are more likely to be using Linux operating systems, so support for Linux is key.

    Funny, you mention that Google is ‘lagging behind’ in this regard. But IE browsers dropped support for Mac a few years ago…

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  • Don’t know if this is the place for this, but I wanted to let you guys know that your sidebar isn’t loading properly on IE, that’s all. 🙂

  • “sidebar isn’t loading properly on IE”

    Hardly unusual and it’s seldom that there really is anything wrong with the page: it’s the Microsoft programmers doing their usual high quality job of paying no attention to standards.

    I think more than a few of us are now saying the heck with it – we’re no longer bothering to bloat our pages with the extra junk necessary to fix Microsoft’s lousy browsers. My site’s right hand column “breaks” in IE too and I just don’t care anymore: only 31% of my traffic uses IE and it is decreasing all the time. I *could* fix it, but I’m not going to bother. Let Microsoft fix its browsers, I say, and until then those of you who insist on using their junk get a bad experience..

    I don’t know if this site feels the same way, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • I have updated it. The changes are hardly anything that I would have noticed myself…

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  • PS3

    I agree with Nicole in general terms, FF is great, albeit the current version seems to hog more resources than ever before.

  • Chrome 3.0 = open source plugins? c’mon..

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  • who the heck is this Leonardo guy!? Bugger off and stop spamming!
    Anyway, I persoanlly am quite a fan of Google Chrome, I personally use Firefox first and foremost but managed to convert my girlfriend to Chrome from IE (she doesn’t like Firefox ‘cos it’s not simple enough).
    as for the “not scrolling” problem you mentioned, I’ve never experienced that myself??

  • I’m quite surprised so far at how well Chrome has been received. Safari and Opera on Windows were not that well received when they first came out. But Chrome seems to be doing not too badly. Probably because Google learned from the mistakes made by those 2 browsers. I’ve yet to try Chrome, however I’m getting more annoyed at how much resources Firefox uses up so maybe I’ll try Chrome 2.0 and see what’s it’s like. But will Chrome ever take over IE or Firefox? Personally I don’t think so, as long as Firefox keeps doing things right.

  • Wii

    I tried to use chrome when the 1st beta came out but didn’t really like it and haven’t been ready to try the newer versions yet. I think I may have a dabble with 2.0

    Firefox is still the browser of choice for me and the plugins available for it are really good.

  • in everyday use of chrome, the time they have fixed issues, i already made some connection on this browser, loading fast than other browser.

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  • Google sure ain’t resting on their laurels with Chrome. Version 2 already, and with much more to come, that’s for sure. I find Chrome very handy as a bare basics, speedy browser but the extra features and functionality definitely will be useful.

  • Yup, I am sticking with FireFox

  • is a wonderful tool