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I’m excited to announce the launch of SEM Vendor–a marketplace to bring companies and search engine marketing firms together. Think of it as LendingTree,, and HARO mash-up!

What is SEM Vendor?

It’s a really simple service that allows any company to submit a single form outlining their SEO, PPC or SERM (search engine reputation management) needs and then have vendors contact them.

What are the benefits to companies?

Instead of wasting hours finding qualified search marketing vendors, figuring out how to contact them, then filling out multiple requests for information, companies can fill out one quick and easy form. We then present it to our list of SEM vendors and they self-select whether they are qualified to take on the account or not.

What are the benefits to search marketers?

Listen, I know how hard it is to find qualified leads for your business–been there, done that. I also know that there are many talented search marketers that just don’t know how to get their services in front of companies. Instead of wasting dollars on ads that don’t convert, or hours on cold-calling, you can get qualified leads in your inbox.

Why launch SEM Vendor?

It seems every day I hear from companies that are struggling to find the right vendor for their campaigns needs–and I can only take on so many new clients. Likewise, I get emails from talented search marketers asking me if I have any “overflow” business I can send them. SEM Vendor is a concept that I’ve been touting for many years now. No one has stepped up to the plate–at least not with the format I proposed–so I decided to fill the void.

What does SEM Vendor cost?

Nothing, nada, zip. For companies, we don’t charge anything! For search marketing firms, SEM Vendor is absolutely free to join and you’ll get leads sent to you for free. If you believe you’re qualified to help one of our applicant companies, you’ll pay a nominal fee to receive their contact details. You only pay for the leads that you truly believe match your talents.

How do I get started?

Companies should head here and submit a quick outline of their campaign needs.

Search marketing vendors should head here and register their business.

That’s all there is to it!

How can I help?

The more companies are aware that SEM Vendor exists, the more they’ll use it. Please help spread the word by blogging, tweeting or bookingmarking SEM Vendor.


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  • This is a great idea Andy. I will definitely post about it.

    Drew Stauffer’s last blog post..Getting What You Pay For

  • Certainly a service that is needed – congrats on the launch and good luck (not that it’s needed!).

  • This is great Andy!

    How do you pre-screen the leads?

    There are several companies (Vendor Seek, Quote Catcher, Buyer Zone and Resource Nation) that all provide free SEM leads for companies and SEM firms can purchase. The issue I have always found with these services is that they tend to not be serious potential new clients and tend to be price shoppers that need a significant amount of education and never end up becoming a client.

    Also, the way I see it is an SEM firm should be able to generate their own business, it proves they know their stuff if they “practice” what they preach…

    Anyway, I signed up and I look forward to testing your service. Thanks!

  • Great idea, Andy!

  • What constitues a “nominal fee”? A few dollars or a percentage of the business awarded?

    To some extent I agree with Nick about being able to generate your own leads. However, it can be hard starting out in the SEO consulting biz without a solid network of contacts and new business leads. Patience, grasshopper. If you can get results for your clients, are professional, and treat your clients well, it will come. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing if SEMVendor is able to add value to both sides of the client/consultant relationship.

  • @Andrew – $7 per lead. Cheap enough? 😉

  • $7 seems more than fair. I’d love to see a follow-up post someday with your insights into the health of the industry based on the connections being made at SEMVendor. 95% of the web consultants/freelancers I talk to (SEM, design, developers, IA, etc) are enjoying record-setting years already. If that can happen here in Michigan it can happen anywhere.