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Wednesday, Wednesday—can’t trust that day.

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    Great round up. The story about opportunities that are available in this economic downturn is a great read. Being interested in internet marketing and blogging I really enjoyed reading it.

  • Isn’t everyone being a little too paranoid with the whole music in videos deal? If they don’t download it, what’s the difference between listening to it on the radio?

  • I hope that the option to have it on or turned off remains in the user’s hand for silencing videos. There may well be some where removal may impact the quality of the video.

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  • Don’t we all want to avoid paying sales tax and continue to do business? Online sales claiming that they are different is indeed a moot point that has now been decidedl

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..Good Deals on Hair Products

  • I’m with you Quilmes. I just don’t get why the music industry is enforcing their copyrights so hard. It’s as if they aren’t making tons of money already, but they have to make sure that we pay for music before being able to listen to it.

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  • The ebooks market seems pretty saturated. People keep rewriting the same content over and over.

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  • That is so interesting that Youtube and Google are removing music from videos and making some videos almost muted. I heard about that earlier today, its shocking. Other video sites may grab a lot more popularity that aren’t as censored yet.

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