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It’s time for the week in review: all the marketing news that was fit to print, but we didn’t quite get to you sooner.

  • Brandon Walker – Internet Marketing Online

    interesting news. The articles about digg cutting staff by 10% and CNN displaying ads in live streams caught my attention especially.

    Brandon Walker – Internet Marketing Online’s last blog post..Monetizing A Website To Earn An Income

  • Make Money Online Tips

    Youtube really needs to synchronize ads better. Now its just getting too commercial, i see ads almost everywhere on youtube. Its no more broadcast yourself.

    Make Money Online Tips’s last blog post..How to Start A New Online Marketing Business

  • – Eddie

    Thanks for the roundup – great stuff. I agree that Wikipedia has a serious issue with anonymous editing of content. Hopefully they get it right as it dilutes the authority when anyone can arbitrarily write what they want. – Eddie’s last blog post..Make Money Online Lens Review

  • Bryan

    10% sounds huge, but we are talking about 6 people. Its only newsworthy because it’s Digg.

    Bryan’s last blog post..Where is the Tropicana Orange Juice?

  • Jacques Seoman

    Methinks it is inevitable that GDrive will become the leader in online data storage. Google want’s to be the king of data, and this service will truly cement their claim.

  • PS3 News

    I believe GDrive will be massive. i could see this coming when SkyDrive started offering 25GB.

    Should make for some good competition

    PS3 News’s last blog post..Killzone 2 (Preview) (PS3)

  • Dan London

    Google won’t say how much those partners get with the exclusive ad revenue deals they already have in place.

    the G rive….lots of people already use Google Docs and Gmail to do the same….

    Dan London’s last blog post..Google Print Signals End for Printed Newspapers

  • Marnie @ My Acai Berry Reviews

    I wonder if the YouTube downloads thing will become a trend? I can see them getting sued senseless for allowing downloads!

    Marnie @ My Acai Berry Reviews’s last blog post..Review: Acai Noni Slimming Blend Superfood Body Cleanse

  • Vic

    Very smart move by Digg!

    Vic’s last blog post..Linkin Park – What I’ve Done

  • PS3

    @Vic, maybe not so smart if you are one of the 10% who are having to bit the bullet.