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It’s official: the first roundup of marketing news of the 2009—and it’s heavy on the Google.

  • Brandon Walker

    Thanks. Those are very useful resources. I especially liked the Google mobile link – very interesting.

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  • Paul Andrews

    I agree, the Google mobile thing is very interesting. Imagine getting your idea taken on by Google 😉

  • Shirley

    There’s nothing bad with Google-heavy links. Yeh, the mobile ideas are great. As for Google’s ‘Second Life’, I never had the pleasure to check it out. It’s surprising how many products they build, many of which have short lives and never leave beta.

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  • Jacques Seoman

    All hail Google! Any figures on the uptake of Chrome as of yet?

  • Nicole Price

    Google product feature lead is very useful. Thank you.

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  • Nicole Price

    Picasa for Mac is a very nice announcement from Google. It is attractive and informative and is sure to get the message across and get more hits from new users.

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..New Year Resolutions to Help You Save Money

  • Milo

    picasa for mac at last… bet that will make lots of maccys happy

  • Mikael

    NewLively? I don’t see how it’ll have a future. It looked like such an amateur piece of software compared to SecondLife and WOW. But I guess you don’t need to understand everything :)

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  • Atniz

    I never know google can create our idea. I got tons of photos in my computer, planning to shift it online. Looking for some product in from google. Maybe, Picasa will be better choice.

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  • thewutzupphilippines

    thanks for the update.

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