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BlogWellWant unprecedented insight on social media from Walmart, The Home Depot, Allstate, H&R Block, Mayo Clinic, Sharpie, Procter and Gamble, and the U.S. Coast Guard?

How about advice on measuring ROI, managing teams, legal issues, B-to-B, working with agencies and creating great content?

If you answered “yes” to the above you need to register for BlogWell’s January 22nd event in Chicago! This is the best opportunity available for anyone looking to get started or improve their corporate social media efforts. Learn from the world’s top companies who are already doing it well. Get practical, how-to advice, a lesson on tricky disclosure issues, and loads of ideas and examples for just $200.

$200 is a bargain, but if you use the discount code “TrackurRocks” you’ll save another $30! Huzzah!

The event is hosted by GasPedal and Blog Council, and Trackur is one of the sponsors, so we’re returning the favor by spreading the good word. 🙂

  • I’ve always thought that the big companies didn’t know how to use social media properly but I guess I was wrong? Or does social media include television and similar old school medias?

    Mikael’s last blog post..How to Find Affordable Pet Insurance for Dogs

  • It’s a shame they always host these type of conferences in the US and not so much in latin america…

    Have a good one at the conference! 😀

  • Mikael,

    Over the last 12 months of working with the Blog Council and it’s extraordinary members, I have learned some big companies really do get social media and blogging. I would recommend checking out the case studies from the October BlogWell in San Jose at Of course you should also come see big companies talk about it live at BlogWell Chicago!

  • Thanks Phil. I think it is great to hear that some of them do really get it except for the fact that as long as the big companies don’t get it it’ll leave more room for the little guy without the spending power of the bigger players. 😉

    Mikael’s last blog post..How to Find Affordable Pet Insurance for Dogs

  • I feel your pain, Quilmes….down here in South Africa we suffert eh same fate! Thank goodness for the internet making information readily available though. I know the interaction one gains at conferences is invaluable, but at least we can build a fairly decent knowledge base from online information and interaction.

  • Has anyone ever been to one of these conferences before? How are they?

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  • damn… nobody hosts conferences in UK 🙁

  • I wish I could attend this conference. It is always interesting to know how big companies use social media.

  • how I wish I could attend in the conference, unfortunately enough, those are just set for US, when in asia?

    John’s last blog post..Busby SEO Test the hard way

  • Andy Sernovitz will be there, he is a great speaker about Word of Mouth marketing – he has a great book as well.