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It’s definitely time for more Gphone rumors, don’t you think? Read Write Web reports today on a rumored Gphone from Samsung.

Once the topic of furious rumor and debate, the Gphone has cooled off. The first Gphone, the T-Mobile G1, debuted in October. While it was pretty cool, it was obviously far from perfect.

Design issues with the slide-out keyboard gave many pause, and naturally there have been a few other issues with Google’s Android OS. Many have said they’d rather wait until Google irons out the issues that plague all new OSes.

Whether the issues with the phone or the operating system have dampened the popularity, since the G1 premiered, there have been almost no rumors about future Gphones. Motorola’s promised Gphone was originally due out next quarter, but probably won’t premier until the end of the year.

The latest rumors about the Samsung Gphone come from a company representative. The phone will be available some time this year for Sprint and T-Mobile—which probably means it’ll be somewhat of a departure from the G1, since T-Mobile would have a hard time selling a unit too similar to the HTC-designed G1.

Speculation includes, of course, a touchscreen design, possibly like the Samsung Omnia or its mobile-TV-ready Instinct, no keyboard, and a launch date of June of this year.

What would you look for in a Gphone?

  • PS3

    I am still to get my hands on a Gphone and see it in all it’s glory. Will take a lot of convincing to tear me away from my iPhone!

  • Wyatt

    Funny, the keyboard is the top critical feature that makes it worthwhile at all to me….

  • In fact you are incorrect, Samsung and Motorola are not the single ones that work on Gphone. Some designs of new HTC – manufactured Android Phone has leaked. No keyboard though.

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  • Really I didn’t know about this. I still think a keaboard to be an important feature.

  • It’s a shame that at least in the UK, the T-Mobile network is one of the poorest. By selling the G1 only on T-Mobile they are severaly limiting the number of potential customers (besides the fact that the hpone looks hideous too!). The Iphone went with O2, one of the best networks of all – and so the great network with the coolest phone around was a winning combo. Makes me wonder what strings T-Mobile had to pull to get the G1 exclusively…

  • I don’t think the new gphone needs to be an iphone knockoff. I can only speak for myself, but I’m looking for something that works well w/ the Google suite of products.

    I hope Samsung hurries. I’m with Sprint and I’ve had a Razr for 2.5 years. It’s fine, but I’m dying to get a new phone. I think second quarter means June 30.

    How nice would it be if it came sooner to Sprint.

  • PS3

    I totally agree with the comment about T-Mobile, it’s barely in the top five of UK mobile providers. Google isn’t daft that, it must be confident they will be able to deliver the goods.