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An independent study, of how the firm ETS managed to make a major mess of the UK’s Sats student exams, includes a conclusion that warms my Radically Transparent heart.

Giving evidence yesterday, [Lord] Sutherland said: "I don’t know companies that don’t do that kind of probing, whether it’s by telephone or Googling.

"If you Google, first you get the press cuttings and then you say, ah no, that’s so and so but here’s a serious report that maybe we need to inquire into further – and that’s what wasn’t done."

After awarding ETS a contract worth around $215M, the government failed to take a look at a Google search fingerprint that revealed the company had a track record of failures.

Do you Google your potential vendors? What about your own Google fingerprint–does it look a little dirty? Here’s your three step solution:

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  • Thanks Andy! A valuable “why to use ORM” case. It is a really unfortunate and expensive lesson, especially when speaking of a sizeable opportunity loss like this one, however when speaking of a transaction value of $215 Million, teams of people are bound to such an occassion, and this may include a competitor with a penchant to suggest some due dilligence.


  • Funny. I swear in the U.S. you don’t get away with that. Too much paperwork to get a gov contract.

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  • Funny, this is the first thing anyone should do when dealing with any new vendor, client, etc… Recently, a client found us and a simple Google search revealed that he had a history of not paying for development work. In fact, one angry ex-developer had created a website just to expose him. lol.

    But as for this case, where big money is concerned, I am surprised that no one took a closer look at the company.

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