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What type of CEO do you think Yahoo needs? Calm and steady, or someone with more flair and willing to take risks?

According to the WSJ, Yahoo could be close to choosing a CEO that’s a safe bet, rather than a gamble.

Among candidates still under consideration is Carol Bartz, the former chief executive officer of Autodesk Inc., a publicly traded company that builds design software used in engineering. She’s “on the list,” said a person familiar with the matter…[and] would indicate that Yahoo is looking for a steady hand who has run a public company over someone with Internet and online advertising experience.

As the search continues, I can’t help compare it to the annual football coaching shuffle, which happens this time of year. Will the AD/manager pick someone on the rise? Someone with proven experience? Or, pick the offense coordinator in-situ–which rarely gets anyone excited.

What type of CEO do you think Yahoo needs right now?

PS. Carol Bartz should be grateful she wasn’t fired just for interviewing! πŸ˜‰

  • It’s going to take helluva person unsink Yahoo!…

  • Matthew

    Yahoo need to go with someone explosive!

    If I was yahoo it is time to put it all on red and spin that roulette wheel. If they don’t gamble now they we never be better than the first loser!

  • Right now, Yahoo needs somebody who is going to take risks and get them out of the rut they are in. If they continue to be conservative as Matthew said, they are not going to grow any.

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  • Wow! I couldn’t even read the article because you went right after my BC Eagles with the Coach Jag picture. That is just cold-hearted, man.

    Oh yea, Yahoo!? Does it even matter who takes over? Lol, that was cold too.

    I think the guy / gal who gets that job is going to have just one of two results, 1) incredible success by engineering a turnaround of ginormous proportions or 2) a goat who is saddled with unsuccessfully trying to unseat Google from its perch of power. There will be no in between. Their resume will either enhance or explode. Have fun!

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  • The first thing is for them to realize that Yahoo! is a portal not a search engine and focus on hiring someone who can win that battle vs AOL and MSN.

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  • @Frank – I hear coach Jags is looking for a new job, maybe he could send his resume to Yahoo. πŸ˜‰

  • Can’t they just get someone already, I mean seriously. Without a head coach it must be a disaster there.

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  • Yes. the situation there takes serious measures.

  • Despite rumors, I would not be surprised if they chose someone from outside the IT industry to head up their operation. Someone who can bring strategic and tactical management skills rather than the two types that you have listed.

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  • Sure they will invite some new personality with fresh ideas and spirit.

  • Yahoo is a great company. They just need a CEO who has past experience of running a company of Yahoo’s size..someone who will make decision based on his/her intellect, experience & judgment and not just personal Ego.

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  • I think Saad is right. They need someone with strong experience here. Yahoo has a ton of great assets, they just need to revamp them and get the public excited again.

  • How about Eric Schmidt?

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  • They definitely need to go with the safe choice, and someone with a whole lot of experience. Choosing someone who takes too many risks might not be the best thing for the company. But hopefully they do find someone who is a bit creative and can offer a new perspective.

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  • Someone willing to take risks… Yahoo! hasn’t really shone in…. uh… well, they’ve never really shone and maybe snatching up someone who’s more likely to dive into the unknown is a better idea if they want to start soaring rather than simply staying afloat

  • Yahoo needs a CEO who will be able to take risks. There is no way for conservative head coach, but for the one with innovative ideas and courage to come them true.

  • Wii

    Whoever gets the job will have a mammoth job at hand trying to overturn the google domination of the market

  • I would rather go on safe side rather than taking the gamble out of nowhere and risking the companies future.

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  • Somebody really dynamic and innovative is going to be needed if Yahoo wishes to remain a viable entity for much longer! A conservative plough horse definitely isn’t going to pull the Yahoo wagon through the river!

  • I am interested to see how the new CEO turns out, hopefully she can help