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E-consultancy reports that a recent study conducted by the UK National Customer Satisfaction Index scored retailers, e-commerce reported a stunning score of 82 points for Q4 2008 (out of 100). Why is this news so interesting? Because the average retailer customer satisfaction score is 74.8.

Amazon and helped e-commerce separate itself from the rest by posting 85 and 87 satisfaction scores. I had a feeling Amazon would be ranked high on this list, but I’m really surprised to see achieve such a high customer satisfaction level. I haven’t personally played around with their site too much, but hopefully this will give them some much deserved attention in the conversion-world for their great work.

I must admit, when I saw Ticketmaster’s score of 74 a small part of me jumped for joy. I don’t think I’d rate their site that high, but I’m glad I’m not the only one. eBay also received a low score of 79. Sites like John Lewis and Tesco were not considered e-commerce Web sites, instead they were placed in an “other” category.

Here’s the breakdown of the top customer satisfaction retailers by category:

What do you think this means for the future of online commerce?

  • That doesn’t surprise me

  • The Future of Online Commerce is obviously fall and down like obvious live of other commerce Live.They Rise.they Hit ,They fall,They innovated and They reborn or Burn Down.The Consumer satisfaction is Signal of there overlook performance to serve the client.and since it signal only,the one which is rate low,For some reason.IS not deserve to be retreated that way

  • Other than grocery shopping 80% of my purchases are now made online.
    Poor customer service, crowds and time wasted waiting to hand over my hard earned cash are the major reasons for my preference for online shopping.
    Very rarely are mistakes made with my online purchases, its fast to complete my transaction, I don’t have to put up with grumpy over worked under paid sales staff or busy stressed out shoppers and screaming kids when I buy online. I am also rewarded twice with my initial feel good hit when I make the purchase and again when it arrives (almost like shopping twice!)
    I work 12 hour days, am raising a young family and have many commitments on my time – for me if I could get everything I needed with the click of my mouse I would happily do all my shopping from my computer

  • I think the question is more – what is the future of hight street retailers as the online retailers gain the hearts, minds and access to the credit cards of consumers. This will also have a knock on effect for small business purchasing – how small businesses gain new business. It means small businesses must look at their presence on the web and make it a priority for 2009.

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