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facebook2This has been an interesting week in social media for sure. Most of the news has been generated around Facebook and deservedly so (I guess). So to close the week it’s only fitting that this story compares Facebook (in my opinion the new F-word) and Twitter. Over at Venture Beat the comparison of these two social media forces reads like the David and Goliath story.

twitter-logoHere’s the gist. According to Compete data from January Facebook had 68 million unique visitors while Twitter clocked in at less than 10% of that (6 million). Those numbers are pretty disparate for sure. What seems to be happening though is that Twitter gets an inordinate amount of press coverage compared to Facebook and the speculation begins.

The author, Eric Eldon, tries to hold a straight face when he says that maybe the press is simply ahead of the curve and realizing, as he put it, Twitter’s ‘inevitable national domination’. Following a quick jab at the future predicting ability of the press he goes on with his other theory.

Another alternative is this: the nature of public micro-messaging is something that us reporters intuitively understand, and know how to use — and like to cover, like I’m doing now. Indeed, while Facebook is designed to be semi-private and a reflection of your real-world relationships, Twitter is used by many journalists to promote their own articles.

Whatever the reason, it is apparent that while there is a lot of talk of sharing and openness through Twitter and social media in general by the gurus of the space, the press may be promoting it so they can promote themselves in a shameless self promoting kind of way. I say whatever. If there was ever a medium where it’s up to the user to decide the good, the bad and the ugly, this is the one.

So what is it Pilgrims? What’s your good, bad and ugly of this social media era?

  • To quote Marshall McLuhan ” the medium is the message”……at best, overused, but very salient to your post…

  • Jeff

    The only reason Twitter is getting so much media coverage is that the news media uses Twitter! Without a doubt, the media’s adoption and co-branding of Twitter (“follow us on Twitter!”) has helped to increase its use by 800% from 2008 to 2009, but your average joe still doesn’t get it… Neither do I. Facebook and Myspace both offer Twitter’s one and only feature, “What are you doing?” and so much more.

    In my mind, Twitter is RSS on steroids.

  • I’m actively involved in a number of different social networking sites and what I am finding is that people keep trying to self promote themselves and their products rather than connect with other people and add value to the site. But I guess that’s one of the draw cards for social networking – to reach out to ptential clients or customers.

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  • Twitter is still baby. I believe he will beat facebook in next years.

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  • Good think about social media is when this they just born ,the bad think about social media when it getting bigger and bigger ,they are changing there TOS and make some noise with it.and the Ugly about social Media is when they Stealing my social property for the self,so with all the intention that sometimes hurting me,I rather having Social Media that put “donate on top of there web but still keep my Freedom inside my own control 24/7 ,and 366 days a year

  • If you think Twitter is just RSS on steroids, you don’t know what Twitter is all about. Get on it, learn about how to use it, and start building relationships. Product pushers, MLMer’s and self-promoters quickly get left out while people and companies who actually want to strengthen relationships can do it in a way they’ve never been able to before. Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn are great platforms, but they don’t compare to the real time conversations that happen on Twitter 24 hours a day.

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  • … i like twitter and wish well for them, but facebook/myspace doesnt work for me. linkedin/cestagi + tweeter is good enough