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For all of you lucky iPhone owners, there’s a new source to get books and magazines (like Vegetarian Times), for free on your mobile phone. Google Book Search has gone mobile.  The service is also on phones built on Google’s Android platform.

I’m the kind of person who likes to read – especially in an airport – and this gives free access to over a million books. Most of the books are in the public domain – which means published before 1923.

Amazon, maker of the Kindle also announced this week that they’re making their ebooks available on cell phones. To me, that’s even better. They have far less titles, and you’ve got to pay for them, but they’re current. Plus you get all the books are in their entirety.

I wonder how difficult it is to add books to mobile phones and on Amazon for that matter. (I’m working on an ebook project). This has got to be the way that ebooks sales go, it’s such a natural fit to make ebooks portable the same way Google is making print books digital. Point your phone to and browse the selection.

I’m the kind of person who’s always reading and this will feed the addiction. If you’re the same way and you have an iPhone, there are apps like Stanza, eReader web and BookShelfLT web and Textonphone to feed your addiction.

I already listen to books on CD in the car and on my iPod. I can only think of the opporuntity for online college programs. Anyone could be a mobile college student and work on a degree wherever you are. Next up: mobile textbooks and audiobooks.

  • It is a great interface. The books are pretty easy to read. The massive amount of public domain books on there makes it ideal for times when you have nothing to read.

    The traffic that books get on GBS is pretty sizable and it will be interesting to see how much of an impact this has.

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  • Looks very nice

    I wonder if they’ll make it available PDF

  • Google is taking almost all its activities online. Way to go there by google. I love google sms channels alot though, free and helpful.

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  • Great news, i like to read book too but just wondering what kinda ebook that will be available on the cellphone? I hope they release an ebook for IT and other related technology soon

  • Google is like friendly to every one, It does not who is good or who is bad, It only knows to give information for visitors.

  • Excellent, I shall have to try this out shortly. Ideal for them moments when you’re in a waiting room somewhere, etc etc