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Vegas should forget the Super Bowl or March Madness, the real action is betting on what Twitter will pick for its revenue model.

Forbes lays down its wager by pointing out the vast amount of data that passes through the micro-blogging service each day.

Twitter is developing a range of analytics and metrics products and services built around the information contained in "tweets," the e-mail and text messages that pass through its platform. "We can measure the tweets," Twitter’s Kevin Thau says. "We’re trying to figure out what are the appropriate metrics around engagement and how to convey those."

There’s certainly a possibility that businesses might have an interest in the aggregated data that comes from Twitter’s stream of consciousness, but with free data already floating around the web (e.g. Google Trends) will companies really open their wallets and pay for it?

Maybe selling the data to individual businesses is out, but what about offering it to other services that sell, or make money from, web data.

TechCrunch points out just how much Twitter’s real-time data would compliment the relatively archaic content served up by Google’s search results. While Google recently gave up on its Twitter competitor Jaiku, it clearly found the space interesting enough to buy the company in the first place. And if Google’s purchase of YouTube serves as precedent, it’s not afraid to throw its own offering in the trash and buy the market-leader in the space.

Think about how much more useful Google would be if you could somehow get the real-time value of Twitter, but matched with Google’s powerful algorithm so we can make sense of what can sometimes be just a mass of incoherent ramblings. How cool would that be?

What wild, wacky, or sensible Twitter business models have you seen mentioned recently?

  • Evan

    Oh ya that would be a great buy for Google…$500 million minimum.

    Evan’s last blog post..Why Twitter is the Coolest Thing Around?

  • Dan London

    All the 3rd part apps seem to be making $ off Twitter. The decent paid iPhone apps have generated some cash and Twitteriffic offers a free ad-supported desk top app as well as a paid version.

    As for what Twitter could do as a business model…not sure unless they charge for API usage…

    Dan London’s last blog post..Create Your Own Book Deal

  • Joel Libava

    I do not see this as a good thing.
    I do not feel we ANOTHER monopoly.
    The Franchise King

    Joel Libava’s last blog post..Testimonial- John b

  • Joel Libava

    I do not see this as a good thing.
    I do not feel we ANOTHER monopoly.
    The Franchise King

  • Martín Aberastegue

    Microsoft should buy Twitter.

    Martín Aberastegue’s last blog post..Ayuda a Tartagal

  • Thierry de Baillon

    The real answer is: Twitter should buy Google. The sad reality is that Google is too expensive for anyone to buy. But really, is creativity still on their side ?

  • Brian

    I never even heard of Jaiku before this post, which shows how productive it was in the USA.

  • V. DImitroff

    Not sure about the prospects of Twitter being bought, but imho a partnership deal with Google would be highly viable and mutually beneficial. It would provide Google with valuable data and inventory, and Twitter – with much needed revenue. And talking of data and metrics: hardly anyone can analyze (and turn into $$) the Twitter data better than Google, the world’s largest BI company.


  • MikeM

    I pray Google does not buy Twitter. Twitter is the one true chance at breaking us from the stodgy static world Google represents.
    I look at Google today as semi-relevant. Half the results at top spot are gamed or SEO’ed into that spot.
    Not Google’s fault mind you really.

    I consider Twitter the truth engine. When you want an opinion just look for opinions and you get dozens in a minute.

    If Google owned Twitter the SERPs gamers would break it down in no time, who would blame them for trying.

    Google/Yahoo/ MSFT/ IAC/ AOL/Facebook please stay away from Twitter.

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  • Server Services

    Hmmm..Good Idea. Its a rocking news that Google is going to buy twitter. But according to me Twitter should stay alone. There is no need to do any partnership like things..alone you are rocking..

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  • Josh

    Tough to say whether or not this would be a good or bad thing overall, but I do think it makes a lot of sense. Twitter’s obviously still on the rise and Google could really jumpstart its growth into the mainstream. Which, again, may or may not be a good thing.

    Josh’s last blog post..Recommended Reading: How To Get People To Link To Your Content

  • Darren Tan

    Seems that Google is really rich!

    Darren Tan’s last blog post..Music Review: ?Fantasy Black Channel? by Late Of The Pier

  • PerfectMoney

    when Twitter meets google I DO have a faith this what best google should take to keep his midas touch stay “update”remember Youtube after acquisition with google,this Video site has number 2 popular in same term of ” searching video networks” ,though,with adding twitter I predict google can also add there “search term empire into “searching social networks’ LIVE,

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  • Eczema

    yes's not a bad idea…

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