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Google Officially Syncs with Mobiles

Although some third-party apps have provided these capabilities for a while, yesterday Google announced an official product to sync your phone with your Google products. Google Sync (in beta) (duh) coordinates your phone with your Google Calendar and your Google Contacts.

The new app allows you to push changes to your calendar and contacts from your computer to your phone and vice versa.

BlackBerries have had these capabilities for a while, but now Google Sync will link up with any phone adhering to the SyncML standard. And just in case this is a feature you’re looking for, it’ll also overwrite your current contacts.

This product comes just two weeks after bringing offline capabilities to Gmail, and at least superficially it seems like “push” mobile Gmail is the logical next step for these two products.

What capabilities would you like to see added? What web programs/software are you hoping to sync up with in the near future?