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ReadWriteWeb reports that market research agency GfK released a report today that found iPhone users are more likely to recall and respond to ads than other mobile phone users. Surprising? Not really, but the report did find some very interesting statistics regarding mobile users.

  • One in ten mobile phone users in the U.S. used a location-based service such as a map, friend or restaurant finder in Q4 2008.
  • iPhone users are four times as likely to recall LBS (location-based service) ads as non-iPhone users.
  • While men and women are equally likely to recall mobile advertising, women are 85 percent more likely to respond to ads than men
  • Calling a toll free phone number published in the ads is the most common means of response; iPhone users called twice as much as non-iPhone users
  • One in seven consumers reported buying a product or visiting a store as a result of seeing a mobile advertisement; for iPhone users, more than one in four bought something as a result of seeing an ad

So what does all of this data mean? I think these are strong numbers to urge mobile advertisers to spend more money developing ads targeted at iPhone users. Given the growing popularity of not only iPhones, but Internet-ready mobile phones, these numbers should encourage advertisers to increase spend (particularly local advertisers).

How effective have your mobile ads been? Are you focusing marketing efforts in this area during the current economic climate?

  • This is no surprise. The iPhone experience is richer, and is a much better environment for mobile ads than other web enabled devices.

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  • No wonder why iphone can make the mobile ads works.generations of Iphone I think is generation of “big pocket”with something in there mind that connect live and “recomended to buy”however mobile ads Ithink need to do more then average “payper impression image adveritisng”I dont know what is that but I think something unique ads will make the iphone more dominant in the competition there in

  • Not really surprising, it just goes to show how easily influenced iPhone users are. I mean, you could easily get any other phone, so why get the iphone? The brand is all that matters today *sigh*

  • I am sure that most users who browse the net dont just use a iPhone. I guess mobile ads need to be synchronized better to perform better on other phones as well.

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  • iPhone is always more fun

  • I think the online experience of the iPhone is far superior than many of the phone browsers. It is fantastic and so this news is not surprising.

  • PS3

    @Milo, it’s all down to personal preference. I had Nokias for 10 years but switched to the iPhone and love it. I am not easily influence, it is just the right phone for me at this time.