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According to a study released today by eMarketer, and reported on, mobile ads perform better thaniphone ads on other media. With all the bad news about advertising this is a bit of a breath of fresh air. The data was put together by eMarketer based on aggregated findings from social network Limbo and research firm Gfk NOP , which surveyed mobile users. Overall, it appears as if iPhone users are the leaders of the pack in responding to these ads. Whether they buy anything was not revealed.

The mobile ads apparently stayed longer in the heads of those viewing them and they did take click through actions more often. Some other highlights of the report include:

  • 41 percent of iPhone users recalled the ads they saw on their phones versus 33 percent for non-iPhone users. This can be compared to TV which has 10 percent recall rates, streaming video with 21 percent and podcasts at 68 percent.
  • One third of mobile users who recalled an ad responded to it in some way—that figure jumped to two thirds for iPhone users. iPhone users were twice as likely to browse the web on their phones as non-iPhone users.
  • The mobile ads most likely to be viewed were text messages.

There is large percentage growth in this advertising sector (40%) but it is relative to the smaller size of the total market which is forecasted at $2 billion for this year by JP Morgan. Seeing the obvious dominance of iPhone users in this segment one wonders what would happen to the industry if there were more carriers who could sell the iPhone. Also, will iPhone users turn into their own demographic group regardless of gender or age or any other factor other than their phone? So many questions.

  • I saw this today as well.

    Mobile Hotel Bookings Show ROI in Recession
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  • More information can be found on the “Mobile Marketing Association” website
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  • Good news – I wonder if mobile ads are performing well because consumers aren’t as used to seeing them as they are with other online ads. The recall percentage is amazing.

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  • How ethical do you think it is for advertisers to send text messages? Inundating television, radio and the internet with ads is expected, but when someone gets a text message, they expect it to be from a friend or family member or at least SOMEONE they know. Do you think allowing advertisers to encroach on personal communication like this is crossing a line? Won’t it be a turnoff because people will be so upset when they see a message from Company X instead of a friend?

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