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It’s been a little more than a month since I purchased my first iPhone and I did purely because of the fantastic list of applications available. Now comes one that mixes my love of the iPhone with my internet marketing needs: the Google Analytics App.

When I’m on the road, the Analytics App is the perfect way to check in on the Google Analytics of all my web sites, and is worth every penny of the $5.99 purchase price.

Just in case you don’t want to give up the cost of a McDonalds Value Meal today, Michael Jensen (the guy behind Analytics App) has offered up 4 free copies of the iPhone application! Yay for free stuff!

For your chance to win, simply leave a comment below before 4pm ET Tuesday February 17th. We’ll pick 4 winners at random.

Can’t wait? You can head to the iTunes store and buy your copy right this minute!

Psst! Want another chance to win? If you’re following me on Twitter, here’s how! ;-)

Congrats to the Winners!

  • MikeTek

    I’d love to get my hands on this app. I was looking at the available iPhone analytics apps just yesterday, and this one seems to be the best of the bunch.

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  • CWaterhouse

    Hey Andy – This is very nice of you & what a cool iphone app. I’m sure you’ll get lots of responses! I also replied to your tweet and included #analyticsapp

  • James F

    Consider this my entry. I’m quite excited to see some GA apps appear on the iphone.

  • 4Spoken

    This app looks like a great one! Just the perfect thing to use while shopping with the wife!

    4Spoken’s last blog post..Hello world!

  • Nathan Snell

    Awesome! I was hoping a convenient way to check the stats would come to the iphone. I’m often on the move and it’d be nicer to be able to pull it all in via the phone (also handy in meetings where the boss asks a question on the spot, or to show a client).

    Does it happen to also show adword data?

  • Shay West

    I’ve had my iphone for less than a month now. Like Andy, I bought it primarily due to the bazillion of apps available. Also bought it to see how sites render on the phone.

    Please, please pick me to win the Google Analytics App!

    Thanks in advance,
    Shay West

  • Anne Jan Roeleveld

    Great! The first iPhone app that shows Google Analytics fantastic!

    Hopefully I get one for free :)

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  • David Szetela

    I _need_ it.

  • scott polk

    I would love to try the iPhone app out as well (for free?)

  • Andrew Janis

    would love to get this app. i’ve tried others and not been overly impressed.

  • mskonfa

    I’m confused as to why you would need an App. since you can just access the site? Does the App. provide anything additional?

    Intrigued to see what it does.

    mskonfa’s last blog post..Turn those wheels outwards in the overheads

  • Matt Harrell

    Yes, please :).

  • Michael Jensen

    mskonfa – Try viewing your Google Analytics in Safari on your iPhone. Besides Flash not working, it is very difficult to navigate and go between reports and sites. “Analytics App” gives a simple yet robust interface that makes it super easy to get to the stats you need quickly and easily.

    Michael Jensen’s last blog post..Announcing Analytics App – Google Analytics iPhone App

  • Erik Ford

    @mskonfa accessing the site in safari on the iphone is difficult and hard to navigate… This app helps port the information by organizing it and making it extremely easy to navigate through.

    I’d love to win it!

  • Jazz Toor

    This is a very cool app and would love a copy.

  • Ben Pfeiffer

    Great idea. Still haven’t purchased a copy yet. Count me in

  • Raju

    i would love to be one of the lucky 4 :D

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  • B.Craig

    Yes, it would be nice to have this since I don’t want to ask my boss to put $5.99 on the AmEx card. :)

  • Craig Kon

    Like u App store was main reason I bought mine – but I got an iPod Touch instead. Thankfully in NYC there’s wi-fi galore.

  • Jon Keefe

    Pick me, Pick me, Pick me

  • Tanya Novik

    Hi Andy – Thanks for announcing the contest; I just sent out a tweet to my followers. I check Google Analytics every day on my iPhone from Safari… not the easiest way to maneuver around the platform.
    By all means…. count me in! Thanks, Tanya

  • Ivan Garcia

    I want a copy!!! Count me :-D

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  • Asli Ozan

    Andy, this is a very clever and targeted promotion by you and GA to spread the word out.
    thanks. hope to hear from you.

  • Paul W. Swansen

    This would be great to check mobile sites from a mobile device.

  • Glenn Mersereau

    I currently use the Analytics Pro app for the iphone. Its highly addicting. The UI is a bit restrictive – you can basically only view your GA dashboard. I will check this app out! Course, if I get it from free – even better!

  • Paul Delaney

    I think this app is a great way to view analytics on the road, would love to get my hands on it!

    Paul Delaney’s last blog post..Canonical URL – A possible solution to duplicate content

  • Phillip Molaro

    I would love to win this. I use my iPhone like a third arm and I just startedusing google analytics in my Flex apps. So this tool would be handy thx.

  • Boris

    Well, I am only just about to buy my iPhone so I never have to leave my ppc campaigns in the dark, but I’d like to hit the ground running.

  • Brian

    Kudos to Michael for developing this app. The iPhone comes ever closer to removing the need for my computer. More Internet Marketing apps are welcome!

  • Jean-Francois Renaud

    I already own the app and love it !

    But would love to get an extra copy for another GAAC in the office !

  • Joe

    Thanks! I need this app to monitor all of my sites around the clock!

  • Military Aircraft

    ^_^…. That Was Really Great Buddy…. ^_^
    ^_^…. Google Analytics App Is Now In I-Phone…. ^_^

  • patty fadhouli

    very excited about the analytics app. now i can track my site performance from the road. how cool! and I just got my first iphone – so i’m still in new puppy mode. can’t stop beaming at it. that’s a good boy. good iphone. ;)

  • Chris Moody

    An iPhone app would be awesome.

    Andy – if you’d like to do lunch some time in the near future, I’d love to absorb some of your knowledge (kind of like Sylar in Heroes).

  • Prashant Kumar Pracheta

    nice application. We all were waiting for this service.

    Prashant Kumar Pracheta’s last blog post..Golden opportunity to win $10 million

  • Stefan Bäcklund

    Please, please, please.. let me get, let me get what I want. This would be a nice addition to the mobile toolbox. :-)

  • mosquito

    i’m in :)

  • Jeremy Hatfield

    This is definitely one of the most productive app’s on the market. Would love to test it out! Thanks.

  • Craig

    Hi Andy, I am very interested in using this iPhone application. It looks great. Thanks!

  • Maria

    nooooooo am I too late??? I wanna win this for myself!!!!! I need ittttttt I’m addicted to GA!

  • Rangoo

    Great application!! Just can’t wait to get try it!! I check analytics twice a day, seven days a week.

    Rangoo’s last blog post..Mikogo Announces Greater Speed in Online Meetings

  • Military Aircraft

    Dear ANDY I Am Not Understood Why You Are Cut My Comment…. ?

  • Jacques Seoman

    Heheheheheheh….Mr Military Aircraft…..where in the world are you from, where they speaka da engeleeesh sooo deliciously? I’m going to go take a look at your site to satisfy my curiousity…..

    On to the iPhone app… is where the biggest future growth in the world of the internet lies, and here is another little gem confirming this trend.

  • Christian

    Looking forward to trying this out!

  • wearepauls

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  • Feet blisters

    oh…i want it for my iphone…