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New research from Dr. Leslie Gaines-Ross and the Weber Shandwick team suggests company executives are well aware of the importance of a spotless reputation–and just how easily they can personally screw it up!

Of the 703 senior executives polled a whopping 100% of CEOs admit to frequently thinking about their company’s reputation–although only 38% of executives seem to care about their personal reputation. Clearly they’ve not heard that 87% of us tie a CEO’s reputation to that of the company (source: Hill & Knowlton).

It also appears that the higher-up the totem pole an executive is, the less threats he or she sees against their company’s reputation. At the CEO level only 56% see a "High/Moderate" threat to the company reputation, while those below the chief executive see a 67% threat. Of course, both camps are being a little too hopeful, what with previous studies showing 83% of companies will face a reputation crisis in the next five years that devalues them by 20-30% (source: Oxford-Metrica).

Lastly, a staggering 87% of global executives admit they’ve sent out (or received) at least one email, text, or Tweet, that could have led to a reputation-suicide.

You can download a full copy of Risky Business: Reputations Online or pick up a copy of Gaines-Ross’ book Corporate Reputation or my own Radically Transparent.

  • I am sure reputations is other language of Trust and confident,without confident there is no comfort and without comfort it certainly bad idea to start business with,.yea for some reason it make no sense but for me without having great reputations that means already put back profit to waste to more brand awareness,and I think that will cost more then ‘enough’

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  • It is quite funny that 100% of them care about their company ‘s reputation, whilst only 38% care about their own. As business moves online more and more, we’ll see this start to change as people start realizing that circumspection is important in their private lives, as a mistake could ruin the reputation of their business.

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