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The trend continues as social media companies, in this case Facebook, seek to go beyond marketing dealsfacebook and look to establish partnerships / alliances with makers of cell phones and other mobile technology. As per usual all of this activity centers on Facebook’s quest to, as the WSJ put it, ‘generate meaningful revenue from its mobile services’. Let’s be realistic, that quest for meaningful revenue regarding anything that Facebook has done is now the equivalent of a business spectator sport. We all watch looking for the home run or touchdown and we wonder if the team has what it takes to make that happen. Despite that, we still show up and hold out hope.

This agreement in theory is to embed parts of the social network into Nokia phones. There are no details as to what parts will be included, what phones may be used or how much money is involved. Makes one wonder if this story is based on a theory or an actual event but today it will pass as news.

In the mix is the question as to whether Nokia will partner with a Facebook like company or build a social network from the ground up. I realize that I am no analyst but with the most successful social networks not making much of anything revenue wise why would Nokia think it can build a social network of its own? Call out the Hazmat teams because that one smells like a train wreck that Nokia would be wise to avoid.

There also are concerns about how much data would be shared with Facebook. Nokia is a bit nervous about Facebook learning too much about their cell phone users thus putting up a pretty serious roadblock to this happening. Facebook is showing its clear commitment to the deal by stating they are “dedicated to working with and developing relationships with mobile operators and device makers all over the world.” That kind of statement must give potential partners like Nokia the warm fuzzies.

As I always do I encourage you to read the article for the details. From what I can tell this is something that may or may not happen and both are looking for some publicity around it for now. Can’t say I blame them but until something can be seen and demonstrated I suspect we won’t see many new businesses cropping up to take advantage of it.

What’s your take on these kind of relationships? Would it influence your purchase? Would it move you from your iPhone or Blackberry? Do you care and if not would ‘normal’ consumers?

  • Wow! That would be two heavyweight brands hooking up! This combo will definitely sway many borderline purchasing decisions! More hardcore users will find hacks and ways to achieve what they want with their chosen brand of device, but the bulk of consumers aren’t that tech savvy, or adventurous.

  • Personally, I don’t know if I’m comfortable with that close a relationship but I guess we all saw it coming.

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